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My condolences goes out to my co-worker Kimberly Groggins and the entire family of the late Larry Darnell Applewhite Wilson NC.

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NC NAACP Open Letter to Sen. Burr and News Conference at 10AM in Rocky Mount

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27 March 2013


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NC NAACP to hold News Conference Outside Senator Richard Burr’s Office


ROCKY MOUNT – The North Carolina NAACP will join the Rocky Mount Branch of the NAACP on Wednesday to hold a news conference outside the office of U.S. Senator Richard Burr.  There has never been, in the history of North Carolina, an African-American appointed as Judge in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina.  The Eastern District of North Carolina is where the highest concentration of African Americans reside. 


            The news conference will take place on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 10:00 AM at 100 Coast Line Street, Rocky Mount, NC 27804.


The NC NAACP has sent three separate certified letters to Senator Burr in the past year asking for a meeting without success.  Despite this road block, the North Carolina NAACP will continue its efforts to obtain the appointment of a qualified African-American in a judicial district that has had a vacancy for the past seven years.


Below find an open letter to Senator Burr in anticipation of today’s news conference.



27 March 2013

Open Letter


Senator Richard Burr

217 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510


Re:  U.S. District Court Judge Vacancy in the 44-county Eastern District of North Carolina


Dear Senator Burr:


As you are well aware, in the history of North Carolina no African-American has ever been appointed as Judge in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina where the largest concentration of African-Americans in North Carolina reside.  Typically the President depends on a joint recommendation from the Senators of the affected state.  Senator, you and Senator Hagan should submit a joint list of several African-Americans who could serve on the District Court bench.  If that fails, President Obama should take the initiative to nominate someone to fill the vacancy.  The North Carolina NAACP is prepared to present, directly to the President of the United States, a list of highly qualified individuals who are of the caliber of candidates you could have presented yourself.  These individuals have deep roots in the East and should be considered to rectify this historic denial.

During the past five years, the North Carolina NAACP has sought to meet with you, our elected Senator, in an attempt to obtain the appointment of an African-American Judge in this Judicial District. We were painfully aware of the successful efforts which were manufactured by former Senator Jessie Helms to prevent qualified African-Americans from being appointed to this position. While he was alive, Helms used every political ploy imaginable to insure that those exceptionally well qualified African-Americans who were suggested for appointment were never given an opportunity to be voted upon.

In light of that history, we sought to meet with you and Senator Kay Hagan to discuss this issue and press our resolve that an African-American must be appointed to serve as a Judge on this Court. We were encouraged that Senator Hagan met with us, expressed her concerns and agreed to consider a list of qualified candidates and articulate this concern to President Barack Obama.

On the other hand, Senator Burr, you have refused to meet with us or to discuss our concerns in any manner. Over the past year, we have sent three separate letters to you requesting a meeting and you have not responded positively to those requests.

The North Carolina NAACP will continue our efforts to obtain the appointment of a qualified African-American in a judicial district that has had a vacancy for over seven years. In fact, a judicial emergency exists in this district as cases are delayed and justice denied to citizens because of this vacancy. The vacancy in North Carolina has existed longer than any other judicial vacancy in the United States.

It is time for the President to appoint someone to this position. Senator Burr, like your predecessor Jessie Helms, you are standing in the way of the appointment of an African-American to this position.  Only whites have been appointed to serve as judges on the Eastern District of North Carolina Court and the continued intentional exclusions of qualified African-Americans from this position will not be tolerated.  Thus, we will continue to loudly raise our voice in support of this appointment.  While we continue to call on you to join in this effort, we will not be deterred by your refusal to meet with us or support our efforts. We will carry our demands directly to President Barack Obama.




Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President, NC NAACP


CC:     Mrs. Amina J. Turner, NC NAACP Executive Director

Ms. Carolyn Q. Coleman, 1st Vice President

Ms. Corolyn McDougal, 2nd Vice President

Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Spearman, 3rd Vice President

Mr. Courtney Patterson, 4th Vice President

            NC NAACP Legal Team






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Voter Fraud?

The problem is there has not been Voter Fraud and they have admitted that so we all know that that is not the reason why they voted to do it. I am talking about why they said they were doing it versus a reason to do it. Obviously some folks think they are assuring fairness hell assure other things that are happening daily rather than once or twice a year at the most.

Talking about spending trillions of dollars on non-sense the good ole boys have always done that from the local level all the way to the national level. “Our” current President inherited the majority of the debt that we see because of how he had to deal with the Republicans but they don’t want to talk about that but want to make it seems as if he had no option. I was just informed 2 days ago again although I already knew the story about the debt when my Congressman held a meeting in Rocky Mount NC. Pictures/Video Rocky Mount NC – Congressman G.K. Butterfield Gives Update On President Obama And NC Politics OIC Rocky Mount NC Tuesday March 26, 2013 6:00 PM

Why in the hell don’t they assure that they stop the ignance when it comes to blocking everything that the President does and good Democrats. I know damn well everything he does is not a bad thing in everyone’s eyes but just because he is a Black man some  are willing to take the country to hell while trying to mislead folks that it is “Our” President when it is clear that it is racist Republicans. Not all Republicans but I repeat the racist ones and some ignant racist Democrats but I must admit they have some ignant Black folks brainwashed also.

The racist Republicans turned down the Medicaid expansion in NC that would not cost them anything for several years and then afterwards the Federal Government would pay 95%. Nope voted against it because it is a part of “Obamacare.”

The government has spent trillions of dollars on non-sense all of my life long before “Our” current President so what is the problem? We have a Black President that is the problem.

But there will be a wake up call and I don’t think it will be long because when it hit home the right homes it will be those same guys whom thought that all of this b.s. sounded good but when it affect them they will not be able to handle it and they are going to turn on them. I just want to be able to say I told you so.

Today is the new form of slavery however some white folks don’t even recognize that they will be slaves but maybe they don’t know or they don’t care as long as it appears that it looks like the Black man is the problem.

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