Reader respond to the column by Bob Harper, “Voter ID causing a great flap” – Daily Southerner

Response: I agree with the response. There are more pressing things to be worried about. I just don’t understand how some folks come up with certain things. They act as if people have not stole others I.D. Driver’s License, Social Security Cards and etc. But the problem for me is Voter Id is targeting certain folks (Black folks). But what they don’t understand that it will affect all folks. And the sad part is some folks think it may not ever effect them but when it hit home I want to see these same folks who agreed with the racist who support Voter ID.

In response to the column by Bob Harper, “Voter ID causing a great flap”, I have a few thoughts to share.  This is the first time in my memory that Mr. Harper has written about something being provided free to citizens by the government (IDs for those without one) without stating that nothing is free, and complaining that the cost is taken out his taxes. So enfranchising voters must surely be one cause he is passionate about. (More)

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Voter ID

Princeville NC – Board fires Boyd again – Daily Southerner

PRINCEVILLE — The Town of Princeville’s board of commissioners fired the interim town manager, adopted a policy that requires the police chief to punch a time clock and rescinded the police department’s standard operating procedure (SOP) during a chaotic meeting Monday night.

Although departmental reports, the approval of minutes and citizens and commissioners comments were on the agenda, the vast majority of action occurred following a closed session. (More)

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Princeville NC – Breaking News Commissioner Calvin Sherrod Votes Along With Commissioners Ann Howell And Gwendolyn Knight To Fire Maggie Boyd Interim Town Manager/Clerk

Princeville NC

Pictures/Video Rocky Mount NC – Congressman G.K. Butterfield Gives Update On President Obama And NC Politics OIC Rocky Mount NC Tuesday March 26, 2013 6:00 PM

Pictures/Video: My Congressman said he would keep us updated about what is going on in Washington DC and he has done just that. It is up to you how you perceived it but I believe every word of it and you should too be you a Democrat, Republican or whatever.

See how the Congressman responded to the questions from the floor also.

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Congressman G.K. Butterfield

Homegoing Celebration For Elnora Hanson Rocky Mount NC Formerly Of Pinetops NC.

From the family of the late Dorothy Gray Horne Dancy (Dot).

Our condolences goes out to the entire family of the late Elnora Hanson.

I have been knowing Mrs. El all of my life just about. She was the same every time I was around here. She was a funny person would have you laughing. She was just a nice lady. I know all of the children because I grew up around them.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: The Storm Is Over Now – Kirk Franklin

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