Princeville NC – Breaking News Commissioner Calvin Sherrod Votes Along With Commissioners Ann Howell And Gwendolyn Knight To Fire Maggie Boyd Interim Town Manager/Clerk

Well I don’t have this on video due to family obligations. I plan to be back on the post next month.

Sources say Commissioner Ann Howell made a motion to terminate Maggie Boyd from her posts interim manager/clerk and Commissioners Gwendolyn Knight and Calvin Sherrod voted with Howell. Sources say Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates and Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews tried to convince Sherrod to change his vote. I understand after several minutes of begging Sherrod he stood his ground.

Sources say that the commissioners voted to make the Chief Joey Pettway clock in and out. I wonder can they do that? Well I believe they can if that is what the commissioners vote on and if they have a time clock. Well if they do not they better get one fast!

Just when I thought the meeting was not going to be of much excitement I missed it. Yep the Mayor had Viola Harris escorted out of the meeting because she spoke out that the Mayor needed to carry out the motion. But sources say the Mayor’s husband spoke out too and she said honey you can’t talk either. Of you know then Harris said well are you going to have him escorted out also? And did not!

Well there you have another only in Princeville NC.

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A Black Man Taking A Position Under President Barack Obama Administration Would Almost Be Like Political Suicide Would It Be Worth It?

My response to taking a position as a Black man under President Barack Obama Administration would be a sure 4 year job and then I would be out. Just like the Republicans are doing in NC taking all of the Democrats out of Head positions in Human Services and other key positions replacing them with Republicans.

In the NC General Legislature they did not appoint any Democrats to any positions.


I guess the question really is when one has the power what good is it if you don’t use it? Damn but some things just don’t make sense.

Might would be worth it if you were rich and/or would be able to retire in 4 years.

Hell if they treat the President like that what in the hell do you think they would do to others? You know!

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Quote: I Am So Sick Of Hearing That Black Folks Voted For “Our” Current President Barack Obama Just Because He Is Black

Princeville NC – Light agenda facing Princeville commissioners – Daily Southerner

PRINCEVILLE — PRINCEVILLE – Town officials will hold the regular monthly meeting at 7 p.m. tonight at the town hall. It will be the eighth meeting held since the Local Government Commission took over the town’s financial operations.

Commissioner Ann Howell said nothing of significant note is on the agenda. Since the LGC took over the town finances last July, the town’s agenda has been skimpy. For most municipalities during this time of the year, the budget is often discussed but Princeville officials will have little, if any, participation in creating the budget because of LGC’s control. (More)

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