Greenville NC – I Attended The Democratic Party Plan of Organization Committee Listening Tour Today In Pitt County

The meeting was very interesting.

I thought it would have been more people in attendance however I was the only one from Edgecombe County. I was hoping my county chair and the SEC officers would be present or if not they would have sent a representative.

There were 6 members of the 23 committee members assigned to listen to the concerns of interested Democrats. There were about 30 Democrats present from several different counties however the majority of those present were State Executive Committee members along with 1 – 2 county chairs and 1 AAC chair.

Click on the following link to see when and where the other 3 meetings will be held.

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Democratic Party Plan of Organization Committee Listening Tour Begins Sunday March 3rd In Pitt County

Princeville NC – Two Princeville board members offended by citizen’s question

Response: I hate I missed this meeting because I would have loved to have captured this on video.

PRINCEVILLE — PRINCEVILLE – A question asked during the town’s monthly meeting Monday caused tempers to flare for two board members while a separate issue dealt with one board member who criticized the police chief’s work. (More)

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Princeville NC