Forest Whitaker Frisked At NYC Deli Over False Theft Allegation – NewsOne

Not even the inside of a store can provide a Black man–in this case, Forest Whitaker— in New York City refuge from “Stop and Frisk.”

This time, however, the NYPD is not behind the act; it was allegedly an employee of the Upper East Side’s Milano Market who carried out the embarrassing pat down. TMZ reports that Whitaker said he was falsely accused of lifting an item off the store’s shelf and subsequently frisked by an employee. An eyewitness told the entertainment site that the Academy Award winner was frisked in plain view of everyone. (More)

The Curious World of National Rifle Association “Talking-Head” Wayne LaPierre–

It’s not very often that the average “Joe” / “Jane” is afforded the opportunity to take a “peep into the mind” of an intensely agitated “conspiracy theorist” and see / observe – as though their mind was a translucent volcano – the gaseous, boiling, “abstract-fear” that always threatens to erupt in cataclysmic violence. (More)