Videos/Pictures North Carolina Democratic Party Drama Continues During The State Executive Committee Meeting

When will the drama ever end?


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On Friday night I read some information that Bob Etheridge was seeking to become the chair but then I read that he was not going to seek the post. When I arrived at the SEC meeting on Saturday morning I was told that Etheridge was in the building and that he was campaigning for the post. But when the election time rolled around, Etheridge had left but someone nominated him. Someone came up and accepted the nomination for him. I was told that Etheridge left because of a family emergency but then I heard he left because his grandchild had a ballgame. Damn! Ain’t that nothing.

I like Etheridge and have been knowing him for years. I do not know Randy Voller. I did not vote for Etheridge because it was not fair that Voller has been campaigning hard for quite some time and Etheridge came on the scene in the last hour publicly. Voller only won by 11 votes but then good Democrats talking about moving forward in UNITY when damn this shows that it ain’t about UNITY but about who you know and who you like instead of making exceptions to one’s personal rule during times like these. So I wonder will these good Democrats truly UNITE behind “our” current newly elected chair.

On Friday night Eric Mansfield (Black) endorsed Nina Szlosberg-Landis. Mansfield was seeking the chair position challenging Voller but Mansfield got out of the race last week due to him saying he was going to be by his mother’s side due to her illness. Okay I understand that and I thought he was done. But Friday night I read his endorsement of Szlosberg-Landis over current 1st vice chair Gwen Wilkins (Black) it was a confirmation that he and Szlosberg-Landis were working together. I have no problem with that because he feels he owes her. But I wonder who did Szlosberg-Landis endorse when Mansfield and Linda Coleman (Black) were seeking the Lt. Governor’s seat? Oh someone said Szlosberg-Landis drafted Mansfield to run but Coleman was elected during the May primary. So I wonder did Szlosberg-Landis support Coleman in the General Election you know raise money for her?

See Mansfield’s endorsement here.

Dan Blue III nominated Nina Szlosberg-Landis and during his speech he talked about he got the message that he should not nominate her because it was not a critique of Ms. Wilkins nor a rejection of the African American Caucus. He said we don’t just need a hero but a team of heroes. I didn’t get the hero thing. See the video for Dan’s entire speech.

imageIt is my opinion that Nina Szlosberg-Landis was running on the basis of fundraising from hearing others talk about her and hearing her speech on Saturday however that is the chair’s job to raise money. Section 4.05 Duties of State Chair and Certain Officers explains the duties of the 1st Vice. Page 20. Vice Chairs. The duties of the three vice chairs shall be assigned by the state chair, with the approval of the state executive council.

Since Szlosberg-Landis is such a big fundraiser why didn’t she run for chair? Is it that she didn’t think she could beat Voller? Well I wonder could she have beat Voller since he only won by 11 votes. I wonder why these strong supporters didn’t draft her to run for chair since it calls for a person to be able to raise funds. Oh it was easy to go after the incumbent 1st vice chair a Black female who has been disrespected.

When it comes to elections at all levels it is my opinion that most folks vote for folks whom they know, whom they like and because they feel the person seeking election will be valuable asset to them on a personal note. However some times folks are persuaded to vote for others because of money. I have no problem with that when it comes to every day folks. What I do have a problem with is folks whom call themselves educated with and without money that do not look at the total picture.

For example, when it comes to the make up of the State Executive Committee and/or the composition of other boards I feel strongly that when it comes to the SEC one must look at the board to see if the people seeking election meet the diversity, the inclusion and most of all race and gender.

I can’t understand how those Black women whom supported Szlosberg-Landis would do so when Gwen Wilkins was not allowed to do anything while under David Parker’s leadership. Remind me of “our” current Black POTUS and that other party. Obviously they didn’t attend the SEC meeting last year in Greensboro when Parker resigned but for the party to vote to keep him on. Some say Wilkins didn’t have control over the meeting when he stepped down. You damn right she didn’t because she was very much disrespected. It made no sense how she was disrespected whether you liked her or not.

Some have a problem with Wilkins’ comment at the African American Caucus meeting when she made a statement before the chair of the caucus Willie Fleming carried out his personal agenda to get rid of Zette McArn secretary. I attended that meeting and videoed it and it was one of the worst meetings I have ever attended. The AAC has no organizational structure and when McArn was removed by Flemings own rules, David Parker didn’t address it. When McArn questioned how the AAC could change the by-laws during the Resolutions item agenda of the meeting when the AAC didn’t follow their old by-laws? Well some don’t give a damn because as long as the AAC stay unorganized they will never be a threat to others nor have leveraging power like other auxiliary groups within the State Democratic Party.

If one followed the endorsements it is funny as hell the African American Caucus supported Mansfield and Wilkins but Mansfield supported Szlosberg-Landis. Talking about UNITED.

I want to thank former Snow Hill Mayor Don Davis/current Senator and 1st Congressional District Chair for nominating Wilkins and for his speech. I enjoyed when he talked about the role of the 1st vice chair, Citizens United and big money.

Davis said, “We need to have a talk about money because there has been a lot of talk about money today.” He said Citizens United totally changed the landscape and that is why we are talking about money more and more. He said we need the people power to bring forth campaign reform and to push forth public finance. He said we must change that we can’t rely on one or two people to raise millions of dollars. He said even if we did what happens if we upset the apricot? He said in races like the Senate that took out John Snow and Doug Berger where he said a million dollars were spent on these races. See video for his entire speech.

imageWhat was interesting is earlier on the agenda Don Davis and Dan Blue III both did a presentation together but then ended up supporting different candidates for 1st vice chair.

Talking about UNITY, DIVERSITY and INCLUSION we went from two Blacks on the State Executive Committee to one a young Black male who serves as the 2nd vice chair. Black women are few in the legislature and now none on the State Executive Committee.

I came to the inclusion years ago that when Black folks UNITE, ORGANIZE and get on ONE ACCORD we will move forward, we will have some leveraging power and then we will be a people to be reckoned with. But some Black folks get so damn educated that they don’t have the smarts to use some damn common sense. But also when Black folks do all of the above I recognize and understand that white folks benefit as well.

Some will say that there is no drama but I will challenge any of them. I attend the meetings and give my spill but unlike other media the majority of the time they don’t video the entire meeting and/or do not share the entire meeting with you. I give my spin on what happened as I see it and then I post the entire video so that you can see it for yourself. Damn you can’t get it no better than that get to look at it free in the convenience of your home, office or etc.

The sad part though is some folks have said my video don’t tell the real story. Well damn ain’t that nothing. Hell they act as if I can make this mess up. I am good but I haven’t gotten that damn good yet.

So click on the pictures above to view the pictures and the video 1 and video 2.

The following officers elected were elected:

Chair – Randolph S. Voller defeated Bob Etheridge
Secretary – Melvin Williams – No opposition
1st Vice Chair – Nina Szlosberg-Landis defeated incumbent
Gwen Wilkins 
2nd Vice Chair –
Zack Hawkins – defeated Dick Crews (Correction)
3rd Vice Chair – Andy Ball defeated Jason Jenkins

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NAACP NC – On the Passing of Our Warrior Sister Anita McNeil, Wife of Wrongfully Incarcerated John McNeil

NC NAACP Letterhead


2 February 2013


For More Information:           Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President, 919-394-8137

                                                Mr. Frank Jones, Chair, Free John McNeil Committee, 



On the Passing of Our Warrior Sister Anita McNeil, Wife of Wrongfully Incarcerated John McNeil


WILSON – With extraordinary sadness the North Carolina NAACP and the John McNeil Defense Committee announce that Anita McNeil, wife of John McNeil, transitioned to be with God earlier this afternoon. Anita has been fighting an illness while at the same time fighting for the life of her husband, John McNeil, who has been unjustly incarcerated  in Georgia prisons for the past seven years. Click here for more of their story.


            "Moments before she passed, I prayed with her and her family in the hospital, and told them how much we loved them and how we were better for knowing her," said Rev. Barber. "Though she could not respond, we are sure she heard us in the spirit. Now, as she reigns with the angels, let us imitate her courage and strength and commitment to justice and right until our day comes."


            One of Anita’s final requests was for everyone to keep on fighting for justice. She said, "We can’t quit because we’re all fighters."


            No funeral arrangements have been made at this time. The NC NAACP asks that everyone keep the McNeil family in their prayers.




Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization. Its members throughout the United States and the world are the premier advocates for civil rights in their communities, conducting voter mobilization and monitoring equal opportunity in the public and private sectors.

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Doug Henry Chevrolet Tarboro Did Not Rotate My Tires, Did Not Honor Warranty But The Problem Is I Purchased The Tires From Them


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On Tuesday December 18, 2012 I called Doug Henry to set up an appointment to get oil changed and tires rotated and it was set for the following day December 19. My daughter came home on Tuesday night and had to be back in Durham on Thursday morning to go to work.

I purchased a set of tires for a 1991 Honda Accord from Doug Henry on August 27, 2011 because my daughter was getting ready to go back to school in Durham NC.

On Wednesday December 19, 2012 instead of missing time out of work I told my daughter to take the car in. My daughter called me at work and said they didn’t rotate the tires and said they tried to sell her 2 some tires. I said I will call them. When I called the person answered the phone and I told them why I was calling. The female said she didn’t know what was going on so I told her to find out and let me know because I am at work and she could call me back. Well she went to check and when she came back she said she had not looked at the tires and I said you need to find out what is going on because I don’t have time to be on the phone. I said somebody need to let me know what is going on with the tires because I purchased them from ya’ll. She said well you picked out the tires and I chose Capitol tires. I said I don’t care where in the hell the tires came from I purchased them from ya’ll so the warranty is with ya’ll. I said just find out what is going on and call me back.

Well at this time she put the manager William Harris on the phone. He said what is the problem. I said that is what I am trying to find out. I said my daughter is there and they didn’t rotate her tires and he said well I don’t know what you are talking about and I said again ya’ll need to find out what is going on and call me back. I gave him my work number (which they already have it). He called me back and he said your daughter has gone and I said I want to know why ya’ll didn’t rotate the tires. He said well my employee said you cursed her out and I said no and matter of fact I am going to clock out and I am coming to your place and we will discuss all of this when I get there.

imageI told my daughter to go back to Doug Henry and wait until I get there.

I clocked out and I called the Edgecombe County Sheriff Department and asked them did they need to meet me there or do I need to call the Tarboro Police Department? He said it would be the Tarboro PD but go talk to them and let them know how it goes.

When I arrived at Doug Henry my daughter was sitting their waiting. I talked to her and as I started in the building William Harris and an a mechanic met me and we walked back to the car. William said he checked the tires and the 2 on the front are worn out but the 2 on the back are in good shape and probably could get about 10,000 more miles on them. The tires only had around 19,000 miles on them at this time. I said if that be the case why didn’t they rotate them. Harris said the tires came from Capitol Tire and they are good tires and asked Calvin don’t you think? Calvin is a mechanic and he said if he had to inspect the tires he would not pass them. I said I am not here for an inspection and I want to know why they were not rotated. I said it is funny how the 2 front tires are wearing out but the back are not when they are being rotated. I said just like on my Malibu the front tires seems to be wearing but the back are pretty good. I said but I have a lot of miles on the Mailbu tires that I purchased from them also. Harris went over and looked at the tires on the Malibu. I said now let’s get back to the Honda tires and I said I am concerned about 3 things the type of tires, the warranty and what we need to do. Obviously Harris didn’t want to talk about that and he said my employee said I cursed her out and I said we will go inside and get that straight shortly. After more discussion about the tires Harris said well you need to go your way and I go mines and we started walking inside the building. I said no there are somebody over you. William said he would fix it so that I would not be able to go to any Doug Henry Chevrolet.

When we got in the building I asked the female what did I say on the phone and she said I told you that you needed 2 tires and I said and what else? I said did you not tell me that I chose the tires and that ya’ll got them from Capitol Tire. I left and I returned and asked William Harris for a copy of all of the information as it related to the 3 set of tires I have purchased from them 1st set on the 2010 Malibu that I purchased new from Doug Henry in Farmville NC. Started getting it serviced in Tarboro because I live about 8 – 9 miles from the Tarboro Dealership and it is a straight shot from my home. Farmville is about 15 + or – miles away. This is convenient for getting the oil changed and tires rotated having it all done at one location.

The 2nd set of tires was for the Honda but I just purchased a 3rd set of tires on October 11, 2012 for my dad’s 1991 Toyoto truck while he was in the hospital for a hip replacement surgery. So now I was taking 3 vehicles to Doug Henry to pay to get oil changed and they were suppose to honor the warranty and rotation on the tires.

At first William asked could he send me the copies of the information I requested and I said I wanted it right then. He began to start the process and then he asked me about my address but the said he would go ahead and do it then. While he was making the copies and doing some other things and one time a man came out to talk to him I believe that was his boss Worthington. While he was making the copies William said you know I told you not to come back here anymore and I didn’t respond. He continued to say it again and I said sir can I get my copies. He said it again and I guess he seen that he was not provoking me that he finally changed his tone.

William got a phone call on his cell phone and he said it was his boss. He said he wanted to speak to me and I said no I will set up an appointment with him tomorrow. William said he (Worthington) said he was going to be busy on tomorrow and would not be able to talk to me and I said fine I’ll just set up an appointment. During this time several white employees were standing around and the black guy Calvin had clocked out and left I believe. I guess these were his witnesses if I was to act a fool but you see I never did. My witness was my pocket recorders that I had rolling while I was there.

After William finished his conversation with his boss and finished my copies I told him I had 2 things and one was he didn’t tell me that I could not come back there he said we need to go our separate ways. I asked the female could I ask her a question and I said did you feel threatened by what I said and William said I didn’t say she did. I said let her finish and she said I didn’t tell him that. I said I know. And I grabbed my copies and was walking out. I said I am sick of this mess and as I was walking to my car William came out the door on his phone and I am assuming he was probably talking to his boss.

I had to pay someone to rotate the tires so that my daughter could go back to Durham on the following morning Thursday December 20, 2012. I paid $20.00 to get tires rotated. I clocked out of work 30 minutes early and could have worked overtime that day and the next day that I had to get off work to go to meet with the William’s boss.

Thursday December 19, 2012

imageThe following day I called Doug Henry and asked to speak to Mr. Worthington. The female put me on hold and when she came back she said he was not in the office and did I want to leave a message. I said yes and I told her who I was and she said he was expecting a call from me and he had told her to take a message. So what was the point of acting as if he was in the office and why not just take a message? I told her that I am requesting to meet with him on this day (evening) or if that was not a good time to let me know when would be a good time for him and when he call me back we could meet at that time. Mr. Worthington called me back and left a message on my cell phone saying we could meet at 4 pm and if that was not good for me we could do it another time. I called him back and I said that I would be there at 4 PM.

I met with Mr. Worthington and I explained to him what happened and after I finished the first thing he said he have Zero tolerance for cursing and that it would not be tolerated. I said I didn’t curse at your employee and I said I don’t care where in the hell ya’ll got the tires from that I am at work and don’t have time to talk on the phone that they needed fine out what is the deal with the tires because I purchased the tires from ya’ll and the warranty is with ya’ll and not Capitol Tire. He said he don’t know why they didn’t rotate the tires he just couldn’t understand why they didn’t rotate them. He said that since I didn’t want to come back there that we could work out something such as I could come back and get my tires rotated or they could buy out the rotation on the tires. I said when did I say I didn’t want to come back there. I said however I do have a problem with William because I have had another issue with him when I was charged $86.00 for something that that was included in a free check performed everytime Doug Henry perform oil changes on everybody’s car. I said I had again this same car the Honda Accord was in question and my daughter took it in for oil change and tire rotation and they charged her for a service that was free but they charged her $86.00. I had to go by Doug Henry that day when I got off work and question this charge. I asked for William and they claimed he was not there. I called the next day and left a message and he never returned my calls. I stopped by there again that evening and he was not there. I stopped by Doug Henry the next morning before I went to work (missing time out of work) and finally William and I met in the conference room. He tried everything to get out of refunding me my money after I showed him the document where they charged me for something that they checked for free. I told him that enough talking and that I will just go get the NAACP and the Police Department and come back and he said I will write you a check. He claimed he couldn’t do it at that time and to come back that evening. So I couldn’t work over that day because I had to go back to Doug Henry to pick up my check. So obviously they have a thing for getting over on women (black) because my daughter is black and she was taking the cars in to them that are in my name.

imageSo Mr. Worthington said what could he do about the tire rotation and I said that is what I am here for trying to find out what is the problem why they didn’t rotate the tires because I haven’t heard of any law that keep ya’ll from rotating the tires because they are worn. He said he just didn’t know why they didn’t rotate them. I said my daughter had to go back to Durham this morning and I had to get the tires rotated last night. He said he would reimburse me what did it cost? I said how much do it cost here and he said he didn’t know. I said okay. He said what did it cost and I will write you a check right now was it $15, $25 or whatever I say. I said it was $20. He said I will call my secretary and tell her to write you a check and while he was on the phone he told her to write it for $25 for my inconvenience. What a damn insult $5 dollars? Well it was never about the money for me because I have not cashed the check as of yet. What tickled the hell out of me is he could have made a call to see how much it cost to have the tires rotated in his shop.

So now I asked for some clarity. Are you saying that I can come back here and get my tires rotated but it didn’t sound like I could get my oil changed. He said that is clear. William and the female don’t want me back here. I said you mean to tell me that I have purchased 3 sets of tires from ya’ll and I ain’t welcome here. I said the purpose of purchasing tires from here was to be able to get tires rotated and oil changed at one stop shop. He said I could bring the vehicles in to get the tires rotated (free) until they roll off the warranty. Mind you the truck I just purchased those tires in October and they have not been serviced the first time yet. but they would not change my oil in the 3 vehicles although that is a cost. I said why would I want to come back to just get tires rotated and especially if I am not welcome here. He said well they don’t want you here and he haven’t heard their side just my side of the story. I said I find it interesting that you are not trying to hear the whole story so that means his employees are always right. Worthington told me to think about how I wanted to do this they could possibly buy out my contract for tire rotation but now that has nothing to do with the warranty on the tires if they wear out before reaching the miles included in the warranty.

I took the check and left knowing that I was not going to cash it no time soon but took it to have more evidence.

I left Doug Henry and I went to Abrams in Pinetops to meet with someone to discuss what had just taken place. While sitting in the Abrams parking lot I called Mr. Worthington and I said so you mean I have purchased a brand new Malibu 2010 from Doug Henry and you will not service it? He said is it still under warranty and I said no. He said I could take it to any Chevrolet Dealership because they don’t do anything special at Doug Henry. I said but why would I want to do that? I said who is your boss and he said Doug Henry and he is in the Farmville store and he would give me the number. I said this is where I purchased my Malibu and I have the number.

So I wonder how many women (black) and women in general have they gotten over on in the Tarboro office? This is just bad business and unprofessional.

Now mind you the tires were still under warranty and I have not asked them to give me any new tires and repeatedly tried to find out what is the deal on why the tires were worn like they were. This could have meant that there was something wrong with the car or it was just a bad set of tires. But no one at Doug Henry considered that I purchased the tires from them, they were under warranty and that they disrespected me by not rotating the tires because by law they had no reason to not honor the written contract.

Now for me this is about race to a certain degree. My daughter is black, I am black and all of the folks that I dealt with Debra, William and Worthington are all white. I assume I was suppose to just take their word for all of this just because I am black and nobody gave me permission to question the service that I have paid for.

All of the conversations from the time I went to Doug Henry are on my pocket recorders.

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Deck-Brown named Raleigh’s first woman African-American police chief

RALEIGH — Diminutive, quiet-spoken Cassandra Deck-Brown volunteers as a leader with her church’s Girl Scout troop and mentors at the Raleigh Police Department’s Charm School for teen girls.

The first African-American woman to be named chief of the Raleigh Police Department might seem a polar opposite to the man she’s replacing – the gregarious, 6-foot-9 Harry Patrick Dolan. (More)

Julianne Malveaux: President Obama Speaks – All of Us, Some of Us, None of Us –Black Blue Dog

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Princeville NC: Princeville audit report late again – Daily Southerner

Response: I would think that by now the Attorney General’s Office and the State Treasurer’s Office are involved. The sad part is that Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews, Commissioner Calvin Sherrod and Maggie Boyd interim Town Manager really and truly believe they have done a great job. If I could say one word, “IGNANT!”

PRINCEVILLE — The Town of Princeville’s annual audit report is past due for the second consecutive year, but this time, the fault does not lie solely in the hands of the town adminstration. The North Carolina Department of State Treasure State and Local Government Commission, which took over the town’s finances last July, is responsible. (More)

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Debra Goldman’s school board tenure comes to an end – News & Observer

Debra Goldman’s resignation Friday from the Wake County school board brought to an end one of the most controversial, high-profile tenures of any recent board member.

Once called “prom queen” by a Republican colleague during a public meeting, Goldman consistently made headlines with surprising, attention-getting moves. The latest came Friday with the news that she had registered to vote in Wilkes County, thereby ending her Wake term under a state constitutional provision that requires officeholders to be able to vote for their own positions. (More)

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