Video/Pictures: Edgecombe County Democrats Recommends William Byrd Wooten To Replace Charlie Harrell Former Edgecombe County Board Of Commissioners

Edgecombe County Democrats met on Thursday January 17, 2013 and William “Billy” Wooten’s name submitted to the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners to replace Charlie Harrell. Harrell resigned during the January monthly board meeting.

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Edgecombe County Sheriff James L. Knight In Uniform


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Sheriff Knight had attended a funeral earlier that day in 2006. Until a couple of days ago I not shared these pictures.

Two people injured in accidental shooting at Raleigh gun show – WRAL

Raleigh, N.C. — At least two people were injured Saturday afternoon in an apparent accidental shooting at the gun show being held at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds.

Emergency crews responded to the scene shortly after 1 p.m., and two people were loaded into ambulances. (More)

Democrats If You Do Not Participate In The Process Sit Down And Shut The Hell Up!

Democrats if you do not participate in the Democratic Party I don’t want to hear anything you have to say. Participation? If you don’t vote, don’t attend local governmental meetings, Democratic Party meetings, precinct, county and district meetings and some state meetings then why should I listen to you? I don’t want to hear anything you have to say when you are not in the know but always have an opinion about mess that you read about in the media or see on tv without researching the whole story. I will not allow you to spew out half-truths your opinions as facts when you do not verify your facts.

Press Release: Leading North Carolina in 2013: Candidates for Democratic Party Chair (Cancelled!)

January 19, 2013
Contact: Jeanne Bonds 919.272.7249

Leading North Carolina in 2013: Candidates for Democratic Party Chair

Plain Talk Politics is rescheduling the forum set for today, Sat., Jan., 19 at 1:30 pm at Mount Peace Baptist Church in Raleigh. Unfortunately, one of the candidates has an urgent family matter out of state to attend to today. Mayor Randy Voller and Former Senator Eric Mansfield thank you for your understanding. We will provide information for the new day and time for the livestream and broadcast.

A notice will be posted at and new details will be distributed Sunday.

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