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~This is not a bakery.


I don’t sugar coat




If you ask for my opinion . . .


then that’s what you’ll get.


Don’t be mad when it’s not


what you want to hear.~


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Note: Originally posted December 25, 2012.

Video/Pictures: North Pitt High School Female Fans Get Ignant At The North Pitt vs SouthWest Edgecombe Basketball Game In Pinetops NC However A Pitt County Male Ended Up Getting Arrested


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I believe the game should have been over with a clean blocked shot with no time remaining and SouthWest leading. However a foul was called and the game ended up going into overtime since the North Pitt player only hit 1 of 2 free throws that tied the game. North Pitt won the game.

Last night some North Pitt fans got ignant during the varsity boys basketball game. The game was very exciting and close to the end.

The ignance began when several black females some just fans and some were varsity girls basketball players were sitting directly behind the scorers table but towards the side closest to SouthWest fans to the right of me. The fans that were sitting here before the girls basketball game ended got up to go to the concession stand and when they moved 2 white men and 1 white female came and sit in their spot in which at that time they were to the left of me. The 3 of them moved from the other side of the gym to the side behind the scorer’s table.

The black females were enjoying the game and was cheering North Pitt on and nothing was wrong with that for me. However towards the last several minutes of the game they began to stand up blocking my view of recording. Mind you I got there during the 1st quarter of the JV Boys game and it was peaceful as a white North Pitt parent who were sitting beside were recording his daughter’s game. We talked and all was well during the the girls game. However he left when the girls game was over.

The black females began to block my view of the game and I repeatedly asked them nicely to move out of my way before I call the police up here but they refused. I tried to work around them but more came over and it was getting difficult for me to video. I said ya’ll need to get out of my damn way before I call the police up here. They said they won’t moving and began to talk trash. They were in front of the camera putting their hair in pony tails and making other gestures. At this time some SouthWest fans began to fuss with the North Pitt fans. About this time one of the white men said told them they need to move out of my way and they didn’t pay him any mind. A black older female came over and was asking them to move and they were talking trash to her. About this time the police seen what was going on and they came over and I was saying come and get her and take her out because I have been asking then to move. The white lady said no don’t need to take her anywhere and I said they need to take them out because I had asked their stupid asses to move out of my way. This is when one of the white guys came over to me and said don’t be cursing at the other white guys wife. I said I was not cursing at her I said they need to take their stupid asses out. As the police were taking this one female away that was real ignant she had no respect for the law. They police had asked the white guy and me to leave and I said I am recording for SouthWest and I had asked them to move. He left me alone.

The white guy that approached me went to Coach Langley and was telling her he was the Athletic Director at North Pitt and that I was cursing. I said yes I did and I was not cursing at he guy’s wife and was talking about the black females. I said this would never had happened if they had moved like I had asked them several times. Coach Langley came over to the area and she asked the other white guy what happened and he said he didn’t hear me curse mind you this was the guy’s wife that the other white guy came in my face about. I told Coach Langley yes I did curse and I said I kept telling them they need to get their stupid tails out of my way.

Now if this guy was the Athletic Director from North Pitt I hold him very much responsible for what happened because he should have asked them to move before it got to this point and if they didn’t he could have gone and got the police. He heard me ask them several times to move out of my way so I could video. I don’t even remember seeing anyone recording their varsity game so I am probably the only one that has the game on video.

Now ain’t this something I am volunteering my time to video using my cameras, purchasing dvds, burning my gas to video the games and then have to put up with ignant folks who have no respect for the camera. I am thinking that maybe because I am short that these folks think I am in high school however they need to understand that I turned 50 years old on Christmas Day and I ain’t the one.

My son said he think the Sheriff Department may have locked the female up but I just learned that they locked up a male don’t know where he came from. I was told they finally got the female calmed down.

I have the majority of this on the video. Like I told the man the North Pitt Athletic Director, Coach Langley SouthWest Athletic Director and the police that I have it on video what I said. I stand behind what I said.

imageClick on picture to watch video of the entire game. See some of the incident involving some of North Pitt fans.

Note: Originally posted 1/10/13.

Curmilus Dancy II
Volunteer Videographer SouthWest Edgecombe

2012 in review

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