Wilson County Schools: Sources Say A Coach In Wilson County Was Forced To Resign After Caught Having An Affair With A Staff Member

Sources say a Wilson County Coach was forced to resign and has been hired in another school system. I am so sick of the double standards and then “they” make it appear it is all the children’s fault when some of the adults are acting like children. Can’t wait to see when this story hits the media. Never! Will be covered up. Well there goes the neighborhood.

Charlie Harrell resigns office – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Edgecombe County Commissioner Charlie Harrell’s vote to rezone two sites in the Kingsboro Industrial area from AR-30 to M2 Monday during the county’s regular scheduled meeting, turned out to be one of his last.

Through a letter to the commissioners, Harrell announced his resignation effective immediately. The letter was read by Chairman Leonard Wiggins before the board went into a closed session. (More)

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Longtime Edgecombe County commissioner steps down – Rocky Mount Telegram 

Breaking News: Charlie Harrell Longtime Edgecombe County Commissioner Has Resigned 

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