NAACP: Historic moments hold important lessons

Response: Do you know what Watch Night and the Emancipation Proclamation have in common?

In 2013, we mark two profoundly transformative events: the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

These momentous events — which marked the beginning of the official process to end slavery in the South on Jan. 1, 1863, and pricked the nation’s conscience against Jim Crow laws on Aug. 28, 1963 — led to significant progress for African Americans. But many barriers to equal rights persist today. (More)

Racism & Zero Tolerance

I will not entertain ignance to a certain degree. I will respond when I feel it is something that I need to respond to but just simple ignance I will not waste my time. I am coming into contact with so many ignant folks that it is pathetic.

I will respect others whom respect me so don’t make it personal with me. If you don’t want to hear what I have to say. Don’t start nothing and it won’t be nothing.

I can accept and respect other’s opinions unless they appear to include me and all Black folks. I speak for me and others who allow me to speak for them that told me I could do such and until they tell me I can no longer speak for them.

So my 1st and final warning don’t post any ignant comments on my Blog nor on my Facebook timeline or Twitter because I recognize and understand that I will see some ignant comments just because I may be friends with some other folks on Facebook.

I am serious about politics and I don’t play. Decisions are being made about people livelihood so that is serious business.

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”

I am Curmilus Dancy II and I approve this message.

In Response To Those Who Talk About Our Black President And What He Has Done For Black Folks Only

This is a response from a Facebook friend as we are discussing what our President has done for Black folks (only).

Some of my responses are:

What in the hell is the Republican majority doing? Damn should they have the best interest of all people at heart? No just the President! Well! Maybe I am missing something.

For me my vote for "Our" President was a vote against all that the other party said they wanted to do. All I heard was they wanted to take us back. Back to where? Who wants to go back? I strongly believe that Black folks have not suffered due to anything that he has done under his tenure. However I can’t speak for everyone. I can speak for myself because I am still working where I was working when he was elected and re-elected. My life has not changed much from the time he was elected up until now. But my question is I would hate to wonder where I would be if the Tea Party President had been successful.

I have no problem with anyone criticizing "Our" President especially Black folks but I want to see legitimate criticism and not opinion based that is neither here nor there.

How can we as Americans demand support and equality from ALL members of Congress and not just from ONE man – the President? Bill Clinton was a great President as well, but he too endured resistance from a Republican congress. My point is, why are we so focused on just the President when the Congressional members are as much to blame for their stubbornness and blocking, if more?! We elected them to help us out too – and they have more of a responsibility to help their constituents than the President does – we sent them to Congress for that role and they should be held accountable big time! I wonder where all the questions were when the other Democratic Presidents were seated in years past?! Were you better off when Ford/Clinton/Carter were President? I can tell you this, while it might have been good years, during the Clinton Administration, and he did have a good record of low unemployment, but, I experienced my first furlough along with many others during a federal government shutdown of 1995 and 1996. Clinton back then endured resistance from Congress over funding for Medicare, education, the environment, and public health in the 1996 federal budget. And once again a Democratic Prez was blocked by a Republican Party-controlled Congress and that was because he rejected their spending Bill! When did this happen? From November 14 through November 19, 1995 and from December 16, 1995 to January 6, 1996, for a total of 28 days. I so remember that well because at that time I took the option of an early out ($10,000 tiny little dollars, but got about $8,000 after taxes!) – Seven of us went on our merry way. From there, I went to the private sector as a Church Secretary – that’s right, I did! So pardon me if I say again – Where were the questions then?

Will Solomon Said He Hoped To See The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee At The Democratic Party State Executive Committee Meeting In February Durham NC But My Question Is Why Have The Local Party Not Met

Will Solomon I hope the Edgecombe County Executive Committee read your post on the Edgecombe County African American Caucus of NC Democratic Party and they all attend. However my question is why have the Edgecombe County Democratic Party had a meeting or a meeting scheduled so that all Edgecombe County Democrats could attend to learn about the upcoming meeting and to discuss who the candidates are and who they would like to see elected to serve us on the State Executive Committee. But Solomon you were given the charge to get an email list of members of the Edgecombe County Party so we could receive emails about important business such as this but I have not received the first email since that meeting was held.

I have asked Allen Mitchell and the Edgecombe County Officers to let me know when they meet for the past 4 years and I have not been notified about the 1st meeting. I sure hope Edgecombe County Democratic Party will elect officers who will be serious about educating the Democrats of the county via technology and other resources.

Curmilus Dancy II
Precinct Chair

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