Community activist Dancy considered lucky; Pinetops native’s birthday is on Christmas by Calvin Adkins Daily Southerner Reporter

IMG_2252.JPGTARBORO — By many the standards of many, Curmulius “Butch” Dancy II may be considered one of the luckiest men in the world because of his birthday. The Pinetops native was born on Christmas Day, and this Christmas, Dancy will turn 50 years old.

Dancy has not planned a big party, nor will he be looking for lots of gifts from his family and friends. He said he plans to enjoy his birthday and Christmas by giving gifts to the people he loves. (More)

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Note: Originally posted 12/27/12.

Randolph Voller For Democratic Party Chair of North Carolina –T he Sanford Herald


Pittsboro Mayor Randolph Voller announced his candidacy Friday for the chairmanship of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Voller, who has served as the Pittsboro mayor since 2005, formally announced his candidacy in front of the state party headquarters building in Raleigh, citing a need to focus on building party efforts in each county. (More)

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Eric Mansfield For Chair State North Carolina Democratic Party

After encouraging, and very frank, discussions with Democrats across this state, I am pleased to announce my candidacy to become the Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party. Martin Luther King, Jr wrote, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”  The ultimate measure of our Party, and ourselves, does not come when times are good. We will be measured by what we do at this moment. (More)

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Homegoing Celebration For Daniel Staton Pinetops NC.

My condolences goes out to my cousin Bettie Jean Highsmith and the family of Daniel Staton Pinetops NC.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: The Storm Is Over Now – Kirk Franklin

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Edgecombe County Holiday Christmas tournament preview – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — The Tarboro Vikings will be hosting the annual Edgecombe County Holiday Christmas basketball tournament this year. The tournament will be held for two days beginning Thursday and the championship games will be played on Friday.

The boys and girls brackets are set and they include the Vikings, the SouthWest Edgecombe Cougars, North Edgecombe Warriors and Riverside Knights. (More)

W.A. Patillo Alumni donates blocks to THS track team – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — It nearly four months until track season, but Coach Ricky Dozier already has good news — W.A. Patillio Alumni donated eight Newton Starting Blocks to the Tarboro high school track teams.

The alumni president, Dr. Fred S. Wood Jr., presented the Newton Blocks to Edgecombe County Public Schools board during its November meeting. (More)

‘Gun control needs to be closely scrutinized’ – Daily Southerner

Response: I find Lt. Bill Braswell comments to be quite interesting as it relates to the 2nd Amendment. “In my opinion, regulating firearms is just a quick fix,” said Lt. Bill Braswell of the Tarboro Police Department. “The 2nd Amendment right to bear arms … I still stand by that.”

TARBORO — The shootings of 20 first-grade students in a Newtown, Conn. school Friday has sparked a debate about gun control and mental health. The gun used in Friday’s school shooting was a military-style assault rifle, and the shooter, Adam Lanza, allegedly had mental health problems.

President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday that he is launching a gun violence task force, and he has appointed Vice President Joe Biden to head up the task force. (More)

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Second Amendment Of The United States Used Quite Regularly So Let Me Read It For Myself 

Newtown Connecticut Massacre

Editorial – For Wilmington 10, Gov. Perdue has the chance to right an injustice four decades old – StarNews Online

Before Gov. Bev Perdue leaves office, she has the opportunity to close the book on one of the ugliest chapters in recent Wilmington history: the convictions of nine black men and a white woman whose trial trampled justice and their constitutional rights. Their case is why “the Wilmington 10” are well known far beyond the confines of Southeastern North Carolina. (More)

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Wilmington 10


The Second Amendment Has Nothing to Do with Gun Ownership

Response: Second Amendment Of The United States Used Quite Regularly So Let Me Read It For Myself

The Gun Lobby’s interpretation of the Second Amendment is one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American People by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime.  The real purpose of the Second Amendment was to ensure that state armies – the militia – would be maintained for the defense of the state.  The very language of the Second Amendment refutes any argument that it was intended to guarantee every citizen an unfettered right to any kind of weapon he or she desires. (More)

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2nd Amendment

Newtown Connecticut

Just pass and enforce a Federal law which mandates that no round for any assault rifle will be sold for under $1000.00 apiece and . . . by Eric Smith

Response: Doable? Right on!!! Right on!! Right on!
Eric Smith

Here’s something that is very doable. Just pass and enforce a Federal law which mandates that no round for any assault rifle will be sold for under $1000.00 apiece and further mandate that each of these rounds be registered in a Federal database which will be made instantly available to every law enforcement agency in the nation.

Make the original sellers of these rounds criminally and civilly liable for any time these rounds are used in the commission of a crime. That will put a stop to the gun craziness in this country for nowhere in the 2nd Amendment does it say that imposing mandatory prices on the cost of rounds constitute an infringement on the right of one to bear arms. 🙂

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2nd Amendment


Newtown Connecticut

THE YEAR IN REVIEW by William Reed Columnist

Again this year, African Americans placed higher priorities on participation in politics than the pursuit of capitalistic and business development initiatives to improve their economic conditions. Their primary motivation is to use “the vote” to get what they want and need. In 2012 Blacks continued to display dysfunctional political behavior. Instead of seeking and supporting candidates and platforms to improve the financial status and wealth-building through private and public sector programs, the following abhorrent political behavior occurred among African Americans.

Once an African American is elected to high office, they or a member of their family, lounges there for life. Examples are African-American voters in Chicago, Detroit and New York City. They should be awarded the “Colman Young ‘I Stayed Too Long’ Political Empowerment Award.” The award has dubious value. Coleman Young became Detroit’s first Black mayor in 1973 and served in that capacity for 20 years. By the time he left office, Detroit had lost half its population. During Young’s tenure, Detroit became the world’s “murder capital”, arson capital and America’s most dangerous city. The poverty rate zoomed to the highest in the U.S. Unemployment rose to more than 24 percent and Detroit became a lawless pocket of poverty as property values plummeted.

People are asking: “What were they thinking to reelect 83-year-old John Conyers Jr. to his 25th term in the U.S. House of Representatives?” As Detroit has deteriorated, many of the voters that regularly re-elected Mayor Young have repeatedly sent Conyers back to Congress since 1965. He’s become a fixture on Capitol Hill and is the second longest-serving incumbent member of the House (after fellow Michigan Democrat, John Dingell who is No. 1). Conyers is the third-longest incumbent member of the Congress by length of service. His wife, Monica is a former Detroit city councilwoman who has been imprisoned since pleading guilty to conspiring to commit bribery.

In the 2012 elections, Harlem’s scandal-scarred "Lion of Lenox Avenue" cruised to a 22nd term in the House of Representatives. Rep. Charles Rangel claimed victory for District 15’s seat despite his diminished status in the House. Rangel provides his constituents little clout since he was censured by Congress in 2010 and stripped of his chairmanship of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.

In Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District a political enclave that covers most of Chicago’s South Side and nearby suburbs, Jesse Jackson Jr. caused a special election that could cost upward of $5 million after resigning from the Congressional seat that he held for nearly 17 years, immediately after he’d won another term. The voters gave him 65 percent of the votes even though he was bed-ridden and never made campaign appearances.

The “I’ll Be Sweeter to You Tomorrow than I was Yesterday” Award goes to Black Voters across America who gave Barack Obama 95 percent of their ballots in the 2012 elections despite high unemployment rates and being on the wrong end of American wage and education disparities.

The one thing that makes a president’s second term so interesting is the fact that as a “Lame Duck” a president can do things they couldn’t before because they no longer have to please everyone to get their votes. This opens the door for Obama to do what he really wants to do with his power as president. Last but not least, one of the biggest and most important items that might be on Obama 2’s agenda is what he might do to help his most loyal constituents, African Americans. They have had to stand by and watch as Obama has done what he could do to help the country, leaving their specific needs out of his agenda.

A new initiative the Obama 2 Administration should be about is a "White House Conference on Minority Business" to address the lagging economic growth in minority communities. African Americans stumble through elections not knowing the cure to their lack of opportunities and growth is to foster Black-owned businesses which should be the source of jobs and wealth-building.

William Reed is publisher of “Who’s Who in Black Corporate America” and available for projects via the

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William Reed Columnist


Leach: Leading NAACP branch ‘rewarding’ – Wilson Times

Response: The political action position is a very busy position and in my opinion busier than the President’s position from my experience as 1st, 2nd & 3rd Vice President and chair of the political action committee.

Leach said Wilson County is a progressive county when compared to surrounding counties.

“If you go to Goldsboro, Greenville, Rocky Mount, and then other cities around, you will not see African-American elected officials participating in the decision making process as we have here in Wilson,” Leach said.

I am trying to understand what you mean by the above when it comes to other counties. I have been a member of the Rocky Mount Branch (Edgecombe County) since 1992. I help the Tarboro Branch (Edgecombe County) get their charter back in the late 90’s so I don’t understand what he means as it relates to the African-American elected officials.

I used to attend the Wilson County Branch meetings faithfully back in the 90’s and in the early 2000’s under the leadership of Yolanda Davis and the lady before her (can’t think of her name but we also served on the N.E.E.D Inc. Board together also) and then off and on through the latter years. Actually I met Rev. Alonzo Braggs in Rocky Mount and he seen me with my NAACP hat on and he wanted to learn more about the NAACP. He joined the Wilson Branch and would eventually become the President. I said all of that to say this that I am very much familiar with the Wilson County NAACP.

Leach said he feels obligated to say to the community and to the NAACP, regionally and nationally, that there is no African-American agenda under Obama.

“The African-American leadership, because Barack Obama is African-American, has not criticized him at all,” Leach said. “We have only supported and been loyal. I’m not advocating that we back away from that. We still need to support and remain loyal to the president.”

Mr. Leach I would love to hear more about the above. I would love to know why you say there is no Black Agenda under Obama and what do you suggest need to happen. What should the Black Agenda include? I would love to help push the Black Agenda.

However I would like to add that for me in the past 4 years the good ole boys (white racist) has not supported this Black President and they met to attempt to make him a one term President before his inauguration after the 2008 election. So do you think that it has been possible for the President to have a Black Agenda? I think the past 4 years have been a living hell for him in the White House you know it and I know it so therefore “we” have not been able to focus on a Black Agenda in my opinion.

I have seen several Black folks criticize the President but I just don’t know about the Black Agenda thingy it is complicated for me. I do know there is a need for a Black Agenda but I don’t know what can be done so please share with us what can be done and let’s push it.

Wilson Times: The local leadership of the Wilson branch of the NAACP will soon change.

George Leach, 69, will turn over the reigns to Charles Davis, president-elect, on Dec. 31.

Leach’s new role with the organization will be to chair its political action committee. (More)

Jesse Jackson Jr. & Wife Sandi Jackson, Accused of ‘Double Dippin’ – blackamericaweb

Response: Sad! I just love it when smart educated folks who think they got so much sense but then do something so ignant by leaving a paper trail.

Several other points in the amendments may cause a few eyebrows to raise, including some amendments that put the accounts in the negative. According to reports, this would cause a bit of alarm and prompt an investigation. (More)

John Boehner Pressured By Some To Let Democrats Pass Fiscal Cliff Bill – HuffPost Politics

WASHINGTON — In case the public weren’t frustrated enough over Congress’ failure to resolve the "fiscal cliff," consider this: lawmakers probably could enact a compromise quickly and easily if Republican leaders let Democrats provide most of the votes.

That would give Democrats a bigger voice in the bargain, of course, which the Republican-led House is loath to do. That’s why about 10 percent of the House’s members – staunch anti-tax conservatives – were able to thwart Speaker John Boehner’s bid to pass a narrowly crafted bill that might have strengthened his bargaining hand. (More)

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Fiscal Cliff

Community Activist Dancy Considered Lucky; Pinetops Native’s Birthday Is On Christmas by Calvin Adkins

On last Thursday night December 20 around I received a call from a local reporter Calvin Adkins Daily Southerner Newspaper telling me someone told him my birthday was on Christmas Day. He said he had a request for me to allow him to interview me but the catch was we had to do it that night. I said well, I don’t really want to but I will do it this time. I was just getting in and had just read an article he had written in the paper on that day. I told him I had to take a shower and shave my head because I had skipped a day and I would meet him in Tarboro. We met at Wendys and then we went to the Tarboro Commons to take a picture but it was raining so hard. I called my sister Carolyn Clark to ask her did she have a Christmas Tree up and she did so she allowed us to come over a little after 10 PM to take the picture.

I don’t normally do interviews and definitely don’t take pictures for the paper.

Yesterday Pat Foreman was the first to send me a message about the article saying it was a very good article in the paper about me on yesterday. I tried to find it online because I was cooking at the time. However I have not been able to find it as of yet. I picked a paper on yesterday.

After reading the paper I called Calvin to tell him that if I had known he was going to put me on the front page I would not have done the interview. I told him it was a very good article however he incorrectly stated my grandmother as my great-grandmother when I told him that she expired Christmas Day on my 16th birthday.

The article stated that by many the standards of many Curmilus “Butch” Dancy II may be considered one of the luckiest men in the world because of his birthday. He stated I will turn 50 years old on today Christmas.

I shared a few things with him but mostly just talking so I can understand how he may have incorrectly stated great-grandmother. Remember I didn’t really want to do the interview.

I shared with Adkins I had not planned a big party but will continue to do what I do every year just enjoy a family meal together and this year we would be doing that in Durham because my daughter is in her Senior year at NC Central. She had to work yesterday and has to work on the day after Christmas so we are having dinner at her apartment today. Yep I grilled the food yesterday.

Nope I do not put emphasis on me for Christmas. I tell my children not to buy me anything but they get me something anyway.

I shared with Adkins that one of my most memorable Christmases was when I turned 5 years old when I got a Honda Mini trail Mini-Bike. That thing ran on gas. No other kids had one in the community so I was looked at as special.

Actually I didn’t grow up on a farm but we farmed. My dad’s parents lived on the family farm that my dad and I have planted crops for many, many years up until last year when we rented the crop land out. Yep my dad Curmilus Dancy Sr. and my mom deceased Dorothy Gray Horne Dancy (September 17, 1997) both worked public jobs but farmed also. I never grew up wanting for anything. Especially after my dad told me that as long as I helped on the farm beginning at age 5 when I started driving the tractor when my brother had to leave the field. They also said as long as I make good grades in school.

My dad used to give me a $100.00 bill every year on my birthday along with all the other things that I received.

As Adkins stated, I may have gotten everything I wanted for Christmas while growing up, all of them were not merry. My grandmother Roberta Battle Horne expired on my 16th birthday. This is my mother’s mother.

My grand dad Samuel Dancy Sr. my dad’s daddy expired on December 18, 1983 and his funeral was on December 24 the day before Christmas.

I told Adkins I will be thinking about my love ones during that time.

My mother, my dad and I used to cook up some food for Christmas. My dad and I used to cook pigs for family members on Christmas Eve after I got older. I miss those times cooking with my mother who taught me how to cook and to make my famous barbecue sauce.

Adkins stated that I didn’t write a letter to Santa requesting gifts for Christmas nor my birthday. I shared with him that my desire for Christmas and my birthday in the years to come that all I want is to be able to afford to give to children during Christmas because there are so many children who go without during the holidays. I don’t know what that is like and that is why I want to give back. I said I want to do it in honor of my grandmother because she died on my birthday. I want to make it an annual event and pass it on to my children to carry on. That’s what I want for Christmas and my birthday.

Now since that I did the interview in such a short time I do have a couple of things I want to add for the record.

I used to love to have all of my children together at Christmas time watching them open up their presence. Now that they are all almost grown I should say older because they will never be grown to me and will always be my children.

I love my mother, my grandmother and my granddaddy that I mentioned above but I would not question the Good Master work and say I would love for them to be here with me today because his makes no mistakes.

However I would love to see my oldest daughter Nashonda Lavette Dancy or to hear from her on this day. I would love to be in the presence of all of my children on Christmas Day/Birthday but it is all well.

Today is the day that the Lord has made and I am going to rejoice and be glad about it.

Thanks to all who have shown me some love on this day. I love you back!