Breaking News: Judge orders Edgecombe to re-hire former DSS chief (Marva Scott) – Rocky Mount Telegram

In response: Remember this The DCN broke this story on October 29, 2012: Marva Scott Edgecombe County Social Services Director Sources Say She Won The Lawsuit Against Edgecombe County.

Here we go again another lawsuit in Edgecombe County. Damn I remember when some of these same Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners were involved in another lawsuit. When will they ever learn?

I remember when the Board of Commissioners allowed the Edgecombe County Board of Elections following the lead of Rev. Roosevelt Higgs to try to remove Rocky Mount City Councilmember Rev. Andre Knight from his seat on the council in the early 2000’s. Knight was and is also the President of the Rocky Mount Branch NAACP. Knight appealed and won, the county appealed and lost. They had to pay Knight attorney’s fees. Knight is still on the board today.

I remember when I serving on the N.E.E.D. Inc. Board of Directors as the Vice Chair as a representative of the County Commissioners serving as an appointee via Commissioner Rev. Wayne Hines seat in the late 90’s. While serving the N.E.E.D. Board members were about to act on Mr. A.J. Richardson’s resignation. We were going to send him on his way especially after learning that he had resigned but decided to stay several times but the deciding factor for us was there were some real issues and we wanted to clean up the organization and take it to another level.

An elderly friend and mentor who I had met before serving on the N.E.E.D. board William Hobbs former N.E.E.D. Inc. treasurer and former Internal Revenue Agent that retired in New Jersey served as a Nash County Commissioner representative and they kicked him off and they told Edgecombe County Commissioners under the leadership of the former County Manager Joe Durham to kick me off. I went to the meeting that Wednesday evening and Durham and Hines came to the meeting and removed me and Hines took his seat back on the board. Mr. Richardson lived in Nash County.

I used to attend the Social Services Board meetings back in the late 90’s and the early 2000’s when Hobert Freeman was the director. I don’t think I attended any meetings after Freeman left however I served on the Edgecombe County Workfirst Hearing Committee and continued to do that until it was replaced with a new program.

Edgecombe County hired the 1st Black director Marvin Rouse and when he retired Marva Scott was hired. I had heard a lot of noise about her and it appears that several employees were not happy about working under her leadership. So when I heard about her being fired I was not shocked.

So here we go again another lawsuit. In my opinion the attorney that represented the Commissioners in both of these lawsuits obviously gave them some ignant advice. Now I know the one in the Knight vs Higgs case gave them some ignant advice. I know because I was there and participated in the process plus videoed everything except I missed one hearing held with the Board of Elections.

Well I can’t wait to see how Edgecombe County will move forward on this so I will be following this one closely to see will they appeal or will they just pay Scott out?

An N.C. administrative law judge has ruled that Edgecombe County must re-hire former Social Services Director Marva G. Scott.

Judge Augustus B. Elkins II issued a ruling in favor of Scott’s motion for summary judgement in her appeal of the Feb. 29 decision by the county Social Services Board to fire her due to what the board described as personnel issues. Scott had been suspended by the board in December 2011 following several run-ins with board members. (More)

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Marva Scott Edgecombe County Social Services Director Sources Say She Won The Lawsuit Against Edgecombe County

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IMG_2252.JPGTARBORO — By many the standards of many, Curmulius “Butch” Dancy II may be considered one of the luckiest men in the world because of his birthday. The Pinetops native was born on Christmas Day, and this Christmas, Dancy will turn 50 years old.

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