Leach: Leading NAACP branch ‘rewarding’ – Wilson Times

Response: The political action position is a very busy position and in my opinion busier than the President’s position from my experience as 1st, 2nd & 3rd Vice President and chair of the political action committee.

Leach said Wilson County is a progressive county when compared to surrounding counties.

“If you go to Goldsboro, Greenville, Rocky Mount, and then other cities around, you will not see African-American elected officials participating in the decision making process as we have here in Wilson,” Leach said.

I am trying to understand what you mean by the above when it comes to other counties. I have been a member of the Rocky Mount Branch (Edgecombe County) since 1992. I help the Tarboro Branch (Edgecombe County) get their charter back in the late 90’s so I don’t understand what he means as it relates to the African-American elected officials.

I used to attend the Wilson County Branch meetings faithfully back in the 90’s and in the early 2000’s under the leadership of Yolanda Davis and the lady before her (can’t think of her name but we also served on the N.E.E.D Inc. Board together also) and then off and on through the latter years. Actually I met Rev. Alonzo Braggs in Rocky Mount and he seen me with my NAACP hat on and he wanted to learn more about the NAACP. He joined the Wilson Branch and would eventually become the President. I said all of that to say this that I am very much familiar with the Wilson County NAACP.

Leach said he feels obligated to say to the community and to the NAACP, regionally and nationally, that there is no African-American agenda under Obama.

“The African-American leadership, because Barack Obama is African-American, has not criticized him at all,” Leach said. “We have only supported and been loyal. I’m not advocating that we back away from that. We still need to support and remain loyal to the president.”

Mr. Leach I would love to hear more about the above. I would love to know why you say there is no Black Agenda under Obama and what do you suggest need to happen. What should the Black Agenda include? I would love to help push the Black Agenda.

However I would like to add that for me in the past 4 years the good ole boys (white racist) has not supported this Black President and they met to attempt to make him a one term President before his inauguration after the 2008 election. So do you think that it has been possible for the President to have a Black Agenda? I think the past 4 years have been a living hell for him in the White House you know it and I know it so therefore “we” have not been able to focus on a Black Agenda in my opinion.

I have seen several Black folks criticize the President but I just don’t know about the Black Agenda thingy it is complicated for me. I do know there is a need for a Black Agenda but I don’t know what can be done so please share with us what can be done and let’s push it.

Wilson Times: The local leadership of the Wilson branch of the NAACP will soon change.

George Leach, 69, will turn over the reigns to Charles Davis, president-elect, on Dec. 31.

Leach’s new role with the organization will be to chair its political action committee. (More)

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Response: Sad! I just love it when smart educated folks who think they got so much sense but then do something so ignant by leaving a paper trail.

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