Community Activist Dancy Considered Lucky; Pinetops Native’s Birthday Is On Christmas by Calvin Adkins

On last Thursday night December 20 around I received a call from a local reporter Calvin Adkins Daily Southerner Newspaper telling me someone told him my birthday was on Christmas Day. He said he had a request for me to allow him to interview me but the catch was we had to do it that night. I said well, I don’t really want to but I will do it this time. I was just getting in and had just read an article he had written in the paper on that day. I told him I had to take a shower and shave my head because I had skipped a day and I would meet him in Tarboro. We met at Wendys and then we went to the Tarboro Commons to take a picture but it was raining so hard. I called my sister Carolyn Clark to ask her did she have a Christmas Tree up and she did so she allowed us to come over a little after 10 PM to take the picture.

I don’t normally do interviews and definitely don’t take pictures for the paper.

Yesterday Pat Foreman was the first to send me a message about the article saying it was a very good article in the paper about me on yesterday. I tried to find it online because I was cooking at the time. However I have not been able to find it as of yet. I picked a paper on yesterday.

After reading the paper I called Calvin to tell him that if I had known he was going to put me on the front page I would not have done the interview. I told him it was a very good article however he incorrectly stated my grandmother as my great-grandmother when I told him that she expired Christmas Day on my 16th birthday.

The article stated that by many the standards of many Curmilus “Butch” Dancy II may be considered one of the luckiest men in the world because of his birthday. He stated I will turn 50 years old on today Christmas.

I shared a few things with him but mostly just talking so I can understand how he may have incorrectly stated great-grandmother. Remember I didn’t really want to do the interview.

I shared with Adkins I had not planned a big party but will continue to do what I do every year just enjoy a family meal together and this year we would be doing that in Durham because my daughter is in her Senior year at NC Central. She had to work yesterday and has to work on the day after Christmas so we are having dinner at her apartment today. Yep I grilled the food yesterday.

Nope I do not put emphasis on me for Christmas. I tell my children not to buy me anything but they get me something anyway.

I shared with Adkins that one of my most memorable Christmases was when I turned 5 years old when I got a Honda Mini trail Mini-Bike. That thing ran on gas. No other kids had one in the community so I was looked at as special.

Actually I didn’t grow up on a farm but we farmed. My dad’s parents lived on the family farm that my dad and I have planted crops for many, many years up until last year when we rented the crop land out. Yep my dad Curmilus Dancy Sr. and my mom deceased Dorothy Gray Horne Dancy (September 17, 1997) both worked public jobs but farmed also. I never grew up wanting for anything. Especially after my dad told me that as long as I helped on the farm beginning at age 5 when I started driving the tractor when my brother had to leave the field. They also said as long as I make good grades in school.

My dad used to give me a $100.00 bill every year on my birthday along with all the other things that I received.

As Adkins stated, I may have gotten everything I wanted for Christmas while growing up, all of them were not merry. My grandmother Roberta Battle Horne expired on my 16th birthday. This is my mother’s mother.

My grand dad Samuel Dancy Sr. my dad’s daddy expired on December 18, 1983 and his funeral was on December 24 the day before Christmas.

I told Adkins I will be thinking about my love ones during that time.

My mother, my dad and I used to cook up some food for Christmas. My dad and I used to cook pigs for family members on Christmas Eve after I got older. I miss those times cooking with my mother who taught me how to cook and to make my famous barbecue sauce.

Adkins stated that I didn’t write a letter to Santa requesting gifts for Christmas nor my birthday. I shared with him that my desire for Christmas and my birthday in the years to come that all I want is to be able to afford to give to children during Christmas because there are so many children who go without during the holidays. I don’t know what that is like and that is why I want to give back. I said I want to do it in honor of my grandmother because she died on my birthday. I want to make it an annual event and pass it on to my children to carry on. That’s what I want for Christmas and my birthday.

Now since that I did the interview in such a short time I do have a couple of things I want to add for the record.

I used to love to have all of my children together at Christmas time watching them open up their presence. Now that they are all almost grown I should say older because they will never be grown to me and will always be my children.

I love my mother, my grandmother and my granddaddy that I mentioned above but I would not question the Good Master work and say I would love for them to be here with me today because his makes no mistakes.

However I would love to see my oldest daughter Nashonda Lavette Dancy or to hear from her on this day. I would love to be in the presence of all of my children on Christmas Day/Birthday but it is all well.

Today is the day that the Lord has made and I am going to rejoice and be glad about it.

Thanks to all who have shown me some love on this day. I love you back!