Leaders must fill Senate seat – Wilson NC

Response: This should be quite interesting. NC House Rep. Angela Bryant was appointed to the seat that Sen. Jones held and when Rep. Sen. Jones was appointed to replace House Rep. John Hall who expired before his term ended and then Sen. Jones was appointed to replace Sen. Robert Hollomon who expired before his term ended. Rep. Bryant was a former Rocky Mount City Councilwoman before she was appointed to replace Sen. Jones in the House. Yep I know the story because I attended the meetings held in the counties during the time of these appointments. I actually drove Rep. Bryant to Halifax County on a Friday morning when the meeting was held and she was appointed to replace Sen. Jones.

A group of Wilson Democrats, made up of precinct chairs, vice chairs and executive committee members, met Sunday afternoon to begin preparations for finding a Democrat to take the place of Sen. Ed Jones, who died more than a week ago.

Jones’ funeral was held Saturday at Halifax Community College.

New redistricting lines put a portion of Wilson in the 4th Senatorial District.

That district now consists of five counties; Wilson, Halifax, Nash, Vance and Warren. (More)

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Democratic official rebukes chairman – Wilson Times 

Democratic Party Wilson NC

Democratic official rebukes chairman – Wilson Times

Response: Interesting! Knowing all 3 parties can’t wait to see how this unfold. Obviously there was a lack of communication as I read the article/s about this situation with the money several months ago. Sad!

It is sad that Wilson County continues to have problems with those persons who are elected and/or appointed to the office of the county chair seems like every term. 

If I am correct 2013 the county officers seats are up so who will become the next county chair?

The president of the African-American Caucus of the Wilson County Democratic Party, Zette McArn, read a letter to the Wilson County Democratic chairman, Asa Gregory, accusing him of not being transparent and not adhering to the N.C. Plan of Organization at all times.

“We admonish the chair of this county chapter of the North Carolina Democratic Party to the very best of his ability or capability to make a fervent effort to adhere and administer in all the affairs regarding and governing the Wilson County Democratic Party — the North Carolina Plan of Organization,” McArn read to a room full of Wilson County Democrats. (More) 

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Democratic Party Wilson NC