The fiscal cliff deal comes clearer: a 37% top tax rate and a higher Medicare eligibility age – The Washington Post

Something hilarious happened in the Senate on Thursday.

The White House has been pushing a plan to transfer authority for the debt ceiling to the executive. They call it the McConnell plan, because it’s based on an idea Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell proposed in July 2011. (More)

Chicago The False Confession Capital (Black Boys) – 60 Minutes

What a shame! Chicago The False Confession Capital

Looking at 60 Minutes talking about young black men who have served time because of false confessions.

One guy was interrogated for 12 hours. Couldn’t get his mother or a lawyer in the room. He signed a 21 page document because he was told he was going home. He served 30 years.

Others were forced to sign papers saying they were confessing to crimes. These young guys were told if they sign they could go home that night.

One prosecutor said he should have looked at the confessions more in depth. He is now doing private practicing and he has confessed their were wrongdoings.

One police was charged with tasing and putting a gun to some guys head to make them confess.

A damn woman from Cook County Police Department said DNA didn’t matter. Ain’t that nothing. So that means that there are certain rules for certain folks.

Several rape cases no DNA never found at the scene. A person’s DNA was found in one rape crime and this guy was a convicted serial rapist but he had died. Another rape case another person’s DNA was found in the body but that didn’t matter. This guy was a convicted rapist.

A researcher found the problem with the confessions. Didn’t get the details right but got the framework right. Nicknames and other details were inconsistent.

All of these guys were released and their citizenships restored. However one of these guys mother died while he was in prison.

This woman still saying she don’t know if these guys are innocent or not.

This 60 Minutes segment is a bit much to digest. Why are the folks who are responsible for these guys have not gone to jail. The damn woman from the Cook County Police Department still says today she do not know if these guys are not guilty. This is a problem because how can she be trusted? DNA showed that 2 different men raped 2 different women and it appears that the guys who confessed had nothing to do with these crimes.

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60 Minutes

Not Just Patriotic, U.S. Manufacturing May Be Smart – New Hampshire News

The advantages to making products in the U.S. are starting to stack up — and companies are taking notice. Among them are Apple, which announced Thursday it plans to start producing some of its Mac computers here instead of in China, and General Electric, which is making big investments at home. (More)

Jesse Helms is still stirring up controversy – The Washington Post

Jesse Helms is at it again. When the longtime North Carolina senator died on July 4, 2008, eulogies couldn’t decide if he was a statesman who stood up for his beliefs or a pugnacious politician whose divisive principles changed little as the world moved on. Now that a conservative U.S. congresswoman from the state wants to honor Helms by stamping his name on a federal building, that legacy lives on. (More)

Interloper threatens to spoil inaugural ball – News & Observer

RALEIGH — Over the past 80 years the Junior League of Raleigh has hosted 20 inaugural balls for the state’s governors. The celebration is by far the group’s biggest fundraiser, which in turn provides hundreds of thousands of dollars for community programs like child-abuse prevention.

But a last-minute competitor is horning in on next month’s festivities: A new nonprofit political organization tied to Gov.-elect Pat McCrory will throw its own party as a fundraiser to promote conservative issues. (More)

GL Knight posted in An 80’s (1980-1989) SWE Alumni Class Reunion featuring honorary guests from the class of 1979 (the first class to graduate)!!!!!

GL Knight posted in An 80’s (1980-1989) SWE Alumni Class Reunion featuring honorary guests from the class of 1979 (the first class to graduate)!!!!!

Life is far to short, let us join together in...

GL Knight

1:51am Dec 9

Life is far to short, let us join together in celebration and memories of COUGARS gone before us (i.e., teachers and graduates) by confirming and paying for your attending in an 80’s class reunion (anyone graduating from SouthWest in the 80’s) featuring honorary guests from the class of 1979. The reunion is scheduled for the 2nd wk’end of April. Please spread the word!!!…………………..RIP Mrs. Nellie Hunter & Rodney T. Ward!!!

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Roses Supercenter to fill old gap in community – Rocky Mount Telegram

The announcement of more development on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount was welcome news this week.

A Roses Supercenter, a retail store that includes a full-line grocery section, is slated to open in the spring at Edgecombe Park Shopping Center. The site of a former Roses building that closed is being refurbished to make room for the new tenant and other retail spaces. (More)

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Developer hollows out site to rebuild Roses