Tawana Brawley Case: 25 Years Later – blackamericaweb

Note: I mentioned this case a couple of weeks ago when some folks said they were going to contact Rev. Al Sharpton. I told them about this case and that Rev. Al would thoroughly investigate the case before making a statement because of this case 25 years ago. However I was added to the group Justice for . . . but when I posted this I was removed. I stated they could remove me because I did not join the group but was added by someone. Later that evening I was removed. Well obviously these folks have a problem with truth and facts but they say they want justice. Well!

I said for many years I didn’t care for Rev. Al however people used to call me him all the time. I said nope because he didn’t do his homework. But over the past several years I love this brother because he does his homework and he stand up for what he believe in.

It was the most perfect, imperfect hate crime: a black teen girl was abducted and raped by six white cops. Three weeks before her Sweet 16, Brawley life soured. She was found nearly unconscious cocooned in a garbage bag, grossly defiled with excrement and racial epithets from head to toe clad in charred clothing. Instinctively Brawley became Black America’s posterchild for racial injustice while Rev. Al Sharpton along with attorneys C. Vernon Mason and Alton H. Maddox became her legal dream team. Still her alleged tormenters–one of which (Police Officer Harry Crist, Jr.) committed suicide–were never convicted. (More)

One thought on “Tawana Brawley Case: 25 Years Later – blackamericaweb

  1. “Reverend” Sharpton has never apologized to the men whose lives he ruined by making false allegations. In fact, he continues to proclaim that Tawana Brawley was telling the truth! How anyone takes that clown seriously is beyond me.


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