Vote! The Last Word’s Person of the Year

As 2012 winds down, that means Time magazine’s annual (and sometimes gimmicky) choice for Person Of The Year is upon us. Readers can cast their ballot for a slew of politicians, including President Obama, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. The breakout star on this year’s ballot: Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager who was shot by the Taliban because she publicly advocated for the education of girls and women. (More)

Tawana Brawley Case: 25 Years Later – blackamericaweb

Note: I mentioned this case a couple of weeks ago when some folks said they were going to contact Rev. Al Sharpton. I told them about this case and that Rev. Al would thoroughly investigate the case before making a statement because of this case 25 years ago. However I was added to the group Justice for . . . but when I posted this I was removed. I stated they could remove me because I did not join the group but was added by someone. Later that evening I was removed. Well obviously these folks have a problem with truth and facts but they say they want justice. Well!

I said for many years I didn’t care for Rev. Al however people used to call me him all the time. I said nope because he didn’t do his homework. But over the past several years I love this brother because he does his homework and he stand up for what he believe in.

It was the most perfect, imperfect hate crime: a black teen girl was abducted and raped by six white cops. Three weeks before her Sweet 16, Brawley life soured. She was found nearly unconscious cocooned in a garbage bag, grossly defiled with excrement and racial epithets from head to toe clad in charred clothing. Instinctively Brawley became Black America’s posterchild for racial injustice while Rev. Al Sharpton along with attorneys C. Vernon Mason and Alton H. Maddox became her legal dream team. Still her alleged tormenters–one of which (Police Officer Harry Crist, Jr.) committed suicide–were never convicted. (More)

Golden LivingCenters facing potential collective action over wages – Daily Southerner

Response: This is sad if true because I am somewhat familiar with the center in Tarboro NC. My dad spent 20 days there for rehab.

TARBORO — With less than a week to go before asking a U.S. District Court judge to certify a collective action and order a class-wide notice under the Fair Labor Standards Act, a Missouri law firm is working to contact current and former employees of Golden LivingCenters. (More)

UPDATED: Video reconstruction finds cause of Womble’s wreck – Winston Salem Journal

An accident reconstruction specialist in Lemon Springs used computer software to determine that David Carmichael’s car, not state Rep. Larry Womble’s car, caused a head-on collision last year that resulted in Carmichael’s death and serious injuries to Womble.

Ed Livesay, a law-enforcement instructor at several community colleges, said Wednesday that he shared his findings with Winston-Salem police, who in turn, passed those findings to the N.C. Attorney’s General office. (More)

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