Rush Limbaugh dodged Vietnam draft due to a cyst on his ass

Rush Limbaugh makes a living being overly critical of President Obama’s foreign policy decisions, while advocating more aggressive outcomes. He often suggests that American lives be put in harm’s way…but did you know that Limbaugh himself is a draft dodger? It’s true. In fact, he avoided the Vietnam draft entirely because he had a pilondial cyst on his ass. (More)

McCain Misses Classified Briefing While Blasting White House – Yahoo News

Senator John McCain is demanding answers on the Benghazi attack, but his office tells ABC News he missed a classified briefing on the subject because of a "scheduling error."

The classified briefing was held on Wednesday before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee – of which Senator McCain is a member – and lasted three hours. It featured testimony by officials from the State Department, the Pentagon, the CIA and the National Counterterrorism Center. (More)

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Benghazi Attack

Ignant Column: Pinetops NC – Open Letter To Rev. Nehemiah Smith Jr. Editor The Weekly Defender Rocky Mount NC In Response To Your Speech At The Car Wash Concerning The Child Abuse Case

First of all you know me and I know you. You have my phone number and other contact information so sir since you didn’t take the time out to contact me so I am going to post my response on my Blog which automatically goes to my Facebook Page and Twitter account.

Rev. Nehemiah Smith Jr. who are you referring to when you say other groups they ought to had been at the Car Wash in Pinetops on Saturday evening?

Okay you said put the ministers in check, community leaders in check, put the NAACP in check because they are not here. You said the elected officials show up every 4 years when they want your vote. You said when I need you most you can’t be found.

You said you understand the Sheriff Office has to do his job and wait on the investigation and there is nothing they can really do but they could show up. You repeated just show your face.

You said people ought to be willing to die for something or fall for anything. What? Is this really about dying for a cause?

Then after all of the above bull manure then you finally said something that made sense. If on Facebook you don’t know what is going on just be quiet until the investigation is over. You said nobody knows but the child and the person who did it. You said be there for the child and the mother if they need something.

Rev. I do not live in the city limits of Pinetops however I do consider myself a community leader in Edgecombe County which includes Pinetops. I am a Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP.

Rev. I support my Sheriff Office and I played a major role in the appointment during the election of the current Sheriff dating back to 1996. At any time when I have issues with the Edgecombe County Sheriff Department I pick up the phone and contact them and I share my concerns.

Rev. my question to you is who in the hell do you think you are? You don’t think we can pick and choose our battles?

Rev. before I get involved with others I investigate the folks be it family, friends/associates and other who are involved so I will know who I am dealing with. I then investigate the issue so that I can attempt to find out all sides of a story. I will not allow folks to make a damn fool out of me. Now if you choose to operate like that then so be it but Rev. you know me and I know you and I must say that you have been consistent.

Rev. you know I know you don’t care for Rev. Andre Knight President of the NAACP so you have found another avenue to attempt to make him and our branch look ignant. Well sir again you have been consistent because you continue to make yourself look ignant. You see I posted on my blog the NAACP was not going to show up that I had spoke to Rev. Andre Knight and the State President Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II but no you go to this meeting and talk about we should have been there. How ignant. On top of all of that I have stressed that this is not a NAACP issue at the moment.

Rev. can’t wait for someone to give me one of your papers because I have refused to buy one because you continue to show just how ignant you can be.

But Rev. whenever you have a problem with me please post it somewhere or contact me however it does not matter because when I find out about it I will respond. Actually I was hoping you were going to come up to me at the Princeville meeting on Monday night, you normally do when we attend the meetings. So since you didn’t here we go.

And then I want to see what you print in your newspaper after the findings are released by the SBI and the Edgecombe County Sheriff Department. Rev. that is where I stand and if you were a good journalist you would have waited for all sides to report in. 

Rev. I don’t appreciate you coming to Pinetops and misleading my people when I tried to be truthful with them and not selling them a bunch wolf tickets. Yeah some got mad with me but one thing about it at the end of the day truth will stand.

Being Ignant

“Know that being ignant is not always a bad thing, however it is a bad thing when you don’t do anything about it especially when you are trying to discredit others. Know what you are talking about when you open your mouth so you will not make a damn fool out of yourself.” Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator Tuesday April 3, 2012

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