McCrory seeks relationship with Perdue, lawmakers in transition – News & Observer

RALEIGH, N.C. — Gov.-elect Pat McCrory said Thursday that he is busy building a network of advisers and staff to help with the transition to his administration in January, and he wants to work closely with Gov. Beverly Perdue and top lawmakers.

McCrory met with Perdue Thursday morning to discuss issues addressing the state, including the potential economic impact of mandatory federal budget cuts to a looming deadline associated with the national health care reform law. (More)

President Barack Obama The Economy & The Debt

Only serious responses, keep all ignant responses to yourself, not on my blog.

So tell me what was the state of the economy and the debt when the black President took office.

How many jobs were lost before “our” President took office?

How many jobs were gained since “our” President took the oath of office?

How much money did “our” President have to work with?

What brought on the increase in debt since “our” President has been in office?

How does the economy and the debt correlate?

Now We Better Get Ready For The 2014 Elections Remember 2010?

The people have spoken and re-elected President Barack Obama so what’s next?

Do you remember that in 2010 two years after “our” President was elected in 2008 the Democrats lost the majority in the US House of Representatives and also lost the majority in the NC General Assembly?

You can think the battle has been won if you want to but if you do not get “our” President some help in 2014 then we will be in the same predicament for the next 4 years.

Yes I am happy we re-elected President Barack Obama but all politics is local. We have a Republican majority in the NC General Assembly so now we have got to trust that they will govern within the best interest of all folks. I respect all of the winners who have been elected/re-elected be they Democrat or Republican.

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President Barack Obama

Obama Wins Reelection With Highest Unemployment Rate Of Any President Since FDR

Response: 700,000 jobs lost in November, December 2008 and January 2009 before “our” President took the oath of office. But “our” President has added 5.2 million people to work.

What do Franklin Roosevelt and President Barack Obama have in common? Well, besides both attending Columbia and Harvard universities, they’re two presidents who’ve been reelected with some of the highest unemployment rates in history. (More)

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