188 Fact-Checked Promises President Obama Has Kept– Liberal Unite

Truth is often time stranger than fiction, yet in the realm of Tealandia – such distinctions are difficult at best.  Next time one of them tells you that Obama is a liar… the next time one of them tells you that he has done nothing for America since being elected.  Take this list of promised President Obama has kept and….. well, I bet you know what to do with it! (More)

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Obama: "No Act of Terror Will Go Unpunished"

President Barack Obama

County to collect Princeville water bills – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — PRINCEVILLE — In its first drastic move to get Princeville’s finances back in order, the Local Government Commission turned over the town’s dysfunctional water and sewer collection to Edgecombe County effective Dec. 1. (More)

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Princeville NC