Same Sex Issue, Politics, Religion And My Opinion

As it relates to the Same Sex issue I find ignant ass folks who don’t understand and are in denial because there is a political and religious piece to not only that issue but many issues as it relates to politics and religion. I am going to allow each and everyone to define their own but I suggest that you do it from both perspectives because both perspectives politics and religion will be around for a long time.

If a person is only political and/or only religious then that is all they are going to see but when they are both they will see both.

But you got some even preachers who suppose to be so damn intelligent that they are so damn ignant.

There are some including preachers who understand the political side and some who understand the religious side and then there are some who understand both sides. You have some that wants to play both sides according to who they are with last.

But I am so glad that since "they" say a man has to stand before God for himself I am going to do just that because I refuse to allow ignant religious folks drive me to hell.

How many including preachers have turned down monies from those who practice same sex? Many attend their churches and some even hold offices. But that is okay as long as they pay their tithes and offerings.

Well I am not going to get into a debate about religion because I ain’t there yet. However, I do recognize that politics and religion do mix no matter what anyone says because whether we like it or not politics is in the home, on the job and is displayed among friends.

For me I will not allow others to make choices for me and I not be involved by voicing my opinion either by voice or through the election process.

But some don’t understand and some are in denial but then again this is just my opinion.

I got the Politics down but I am working on my Religion, I ain’t there yet.

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