I Love It When I Hear Some White Folks Say Mitt Has Business Experience And Talk About Their Tax Dollars As If Black Folks Do Not Pay Taxes

Mitt may have business experience that meet your qualifications but one damn thing that is a FACT he has no Presidential experience because he has never been President. But the FACT that Mitt has no Presidential experience is not important to them but why is it important anyway because none of the white Presidents before “Our” current President had Presidential experience unless they served more than one term.

Damn I get so sick and tired of some white folks who talk about their tax dollars being spent for entitlements and such. Well Black folks pay taxes also so don’t make it seem as if we don’t pay taxes. Don’t attempt to make it appear that only Black folks receive entitlements. But Jon Stewart Hit The Nail On The Head When He Said, “If They Have Success, They Built It But If They Get A Break, It’s A Handout And An Entitlement.”

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Mitt Romney

President Barack Obama

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