Video – Breaking News: Princeville NC – The Princeville 3 Votes To Hire Maggie Boyd As The Interim Town Manager And Making It Retroactive Back To The Original Meeting That They Hired Her Last Month


Click on picture to watch video 7 mins. 19 secs.

Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, Mayor Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and Commissioner Calvin Sherrod votes to hire Maggie Boyd as the intern town manager making it retroactive from the time they hired her in the August 2012 meeting.

Damn this was too funny listening to why some feel Boyd is qualified to be the manager and why she is not. But Mayor Everette-Oates topped all of the comments on the matter.

The only thing that is consistent about the meetings is the Mayor can really hit the damn gavel. You go girl.

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Princeville NC

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