Princeville NC – Princeville Regular Monthly Meeting Today Monday September 24, 2012 7:00 PM Title Of This Meeting “Ask Priscilla” About The Financial Condition Of The Town

The Princeville regular monthly meeting is tonight. All citizens of Princeville need to attend and do what “Ask Priscilla?” Ask what? Can’t she buy her own fish and wine? Well!

Tell her not ask but to start giving ya’ll the real reports from LGC because they have been holding back on ya. But The DCN is on top of them.

After reading the following Princeville NC – Update on the Town of Princeville’s Financial Condition and you ain’t mad then you are just as ignant as the Mayor because she has confirmed her ignance.

Read more:

Princeville NC – Breaking News: LGC Does Not Approve The Hiring Of Maggie Boyd, Rule Special Call Meeting Not Legit.

Princeville NC

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