Mitt Romney paid for son’s surrogate ‘abortion contract’, right to kill fetus – The Examiner

Mitt Romney’s son, Tagg Romney, has been discovered to have engaged in a contract with a surrogate mother with the stipulations that if the child being carried was not up to the Romney’s specifications, that the Romney family would have the final say if the child would be aborted or not. (More)

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Princeville NC – Letter to editor: Not only the SBI should come in, but the FBI as well

In response to: Princeville NC – Update on the Town of Princeville’s Financial Condition

Not only the SBI should come in, but the FBI as well.  These people need to be put in jail plain and simple.  This is out right stealing! and it’s shows continually the abuse of power the individual is and is continuing to use  in that position.  I’m of the opinion that they’re not just dumb, but stupid and ignorant as well.  I’m not talking about Mrs. Howell and Ms. Knight, but the three idiots!  The people of Princeville should be just as pissed off as I am.  I wonder if they know what Obstruction of Justice is.  I believe this could give them more time in jail that is out right stealing.  But guess what?  They’re too dumb to realize what’s happening around them.  All the LGC has to do and I’m quite sure that they already know this is subpoena the staff and have them do depositions and have them take an Oath that everything they write and say is the truth and nothing but the truth.  Now once they let them know that if they can be found guilty of perjury if what they write and say is found out to be untrue once an investigation start.  The government could give the little people that were intimated or fearful of their job limited immunity.

That dumb attorney they have should have been advising them in the right way to conduct business from the beginning.  But he realized how dumb, stupid and ignorant they were, so he decided to charge them an outrageous yearly salary, when he probably could not win a case against me and I’m not a lawyer.

I want the people of my town to demand the State or Federal Government to throw them out of office.  They have more than enough evidence to prove without a shadow of a doubt that a jury will find them guilty of numerous felony counts on stealing, making false statements, conspiracy, fraud, obstruction of justice and so on and so forth.

Md Bennett

Homegoing Celebration For Mr. Spencer C. Cotton Son Of The Late Gloria Jean Barnes-Cotton Pinetops NC.

My condolences goes out to the family of the late Mr. Spencer C. Cotton of Villa Rica, Georgia.

My condolences also goes out to the Barnes Families of Pinetops NC and abroad.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: Family There’s A Healing – The Murrills W/Donald Lawrence

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LGC: Princeville rehiring illegal – Daily Southerner

Despite the letter, Boyd was at work Thursday

TARBORO — PRINCEVILLE — The N.C. Local Government Commission ruled the emergency meeting that was held by the town on Sept. 10 to rehire former interim town manager Maggie Boyd, was illegal according to state statutes..

The LGC addressed a letter to Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates Wednesday, stating that the state commission do not believe the purpose of the meeting meets state statutory requirement for an emergency meeting nor was proper notice given. (More)

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Princeville NC – Breaking News: LGC Does Not Approve The Hiring Of Maggie Boyd, Rule Special Call Meeting Not Legit.

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