Ignant Column – (Rocky Mount NC) WHIG TV America In Danger Every Monday Night At 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM Tea Party Founder Robert Cressionnie Talks About What The Democrats Are Doing But Never What The Republicans Are Doing

I think I am about to call in (252.407.1111) and ask why he never talk about all the good things the Republicans are doing? Because they are not doing a damn thing.

I look at them on WHIG TV on Channel 31 Digital TV on Mondays if I am at home but find them on your local cable stations in Edgecombe, Wilson and Nash Counties.

I called in and asked the following:

I said 1st of all I tried to call in but couldn’t get through but it says 3 minutes on the screen. I said I have 2 questions and I am going to hang up and let him answer my questions.

I said I find it interesting that he calls “Our” President Mr. Obama or Obama how disrespectful. I said I am glad I have never disrespected those before him.

Partial response: Robert said that if I have been looking at his show he has referred to President Bush as Mr. Bush and that he could do that. He said it is respectful to say Mr. instead of President. I beg the differ because they have titles other than Mr. which is President. Too ignant!

I asked since his previous caller talked about the Constitution and he joined in I asked what do he think about Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas saying the Constitution 225 years ago that “We The People” didn’t include Black folks?

Partial response: Robert said went into this thing about slavery was wrong and that that was in the past and nobody is dwelling on that now. It was not right and times have changed. Really! Damn but they keep talking about taking us back so damn since they have not said how far back. Well!

I said I have been listening to the show for a couple of years now and I never hear him talk about all the good things the Republicans are doing but only what the Democrats are doing. I said especially since he is a founder of local Tea Party.

Partial Response: Robert said the Republicans haven’t done anything but on the local level they have with property rights. Damn! He said but he votes Republican because the Democrats are too far gone. Well that is just too damn ignant.

As the show was going off he said the Republicans were opening a headquarters on tomorrow and that he would be there and I believe he said he is an Independent. But I looked him up and he is registered as a Republican. \

So in my opinion since he say the Republicans are not doing anything but he votes Republican then he is only voting against “Our” current President. Oh he said that to his faithful Republican viewers that it ain’t about voting against “Our” current President but voting against supporting the same thing another 4 years. Damn! How ignant!

I said I am going to hang up now.

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Neocons Slither Back – The New York Times

PAUL RYAN has not sautéed in foreign policy in his years on Capitol Hill. The 42-year-old congressman is no Middle East savant; till now, his idea of a border dispute has more likely involved Wisconsin and Illinois.

Yet Ryan got up at the Values Voter Summit here on Friday and skewered the Obama administration as it struggled to manage the Middle East mess left by clumsily mixed American signals toward the Arab Spring and the disastrous legacy of war-obsessed Republicans. (More)

The Reverend Sun Myung Moon by William Reed Columnist

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Korean-born founder of the Unification Church and builder of a worldwide business empire has died.  In life, Moon proved to be a savvy church leader and a shrewd businessman.  Born in a village in what is now North Korea, Moon’s legacy of reconciliation lives on in his support of “peace with North Korea.” In the face of sanctions against North Korea, Moon’s Unification Church has several businesses, including a hotel and an automaker in North Korea. 

To throngs of followers around the world Moon is viewed as the benevolent “True Father” who was asked by Jesus to complete his unfinished mission on earth. But, Moon’s life and legend in America is tainted by racism and religious bigotry. Mainstream media’s portrayals of Moon are the problem. The media often mentions Moon’s tax evasion conviction and imprisonment in 1984, but little is written regarding the legal controversies surrounding this case. Also, little is known about broad cross sections of religious and civic organizations that have, and continue, to speak on Moon’s behalf.

As the government and their agents moved to put him in the dock, Moon famously said: “I would not be standing here today if my skin [was] White and my religion was Presbyterian.”  While Moon was serving his sentence in Danbury Prison, American Unification Church members launched a campaign claiming that the charges against him were unjust and politically motivated.  African-American ministers such as the Rev. Joseph Lowery, of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference were among the religious leaders who spoke out on Moon’s behalf.  

Moon was persecuted for his promotion of interracial and intercultural marriages. Many compare Moon to Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. During the decades that Moon led his movement in America, he maintained contacts among African-American leaders.  From Lowery to Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan, Moon maintained relationships with Black American church and political leaders.

In 1997, Moon and his wife, Hak Ja Han presided over a Blessing Ceremony in Washington, D.C. in which Baptist minister and civil rights advocate Sharpton participated. Such weddings were in keeping with a central tenet of Moon’s theology. That same year, Farrakhan served as a "co-officiator" at a Blessing Ceremony presided over by Moon. Three years later, the Unification Church co-sponsored the Million Family March in Washington, D.C. with the Nation of Islam to celebrate family unity and racial and religious harmony.

Many Blacks subscribe to the “American Mainstream View” of Moon. Called “True Parents” Moon and his wife have gained worldwide adulation in their travels.  In 2001, the couple embarked on a 50-state tour for racial reconciliation. The interdenominational tour entitled: "We Will Stand!" was sponsored by the American Clergy Leadership Conference with many of the sites being African-American churches.  At each site on the tour, Moon and local Unification Church members assembled ministers and lay leaders from Pentecostal, Baha’i, Nation of Islam and Black Baptist congregations to support his visit.

Moon exemplifies the fact that the best way to combat racism is to be rich. Moon’s worldwide holdings are estimated in the billions of dollars. The Moon family is said to have a personal net worth in the millions. In its early years in the U.S., the Unification Church’s well-scrubbed members sold flowers and trinkets on street corners and married in mass weddings. In the U.S., Moon had interests in commercial fishing, jewelry, fur products, construction and real estate. He bought many properties in the New York area, including the New Yorker Hotel and the Manhattan Center.  At one time or another he controlled newspapers including Noticias del Mundo and The New York City Tribune; four publications in South Korea; a newspaper in Japan, The Sekai Nippo; The Middle East Times in Greece; Tiempos del Mundo in Argentina; Últimas Noticias in Uruguay and the Washington Times. A church affiliate bought United Press International in 2000. 

Call him “Father”, or not, Moon was a man who deserved to be recognized.  

(William Reed is head of the Business Exchange Network and available for projects via the Bailey Group.org)

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SECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters – Mother Jones

Response: I love this. I wonder when Republicans are going to wake the hell up and see this ignant a… don’t care about them either. “When he doesn’t know a camera’s rolling, the GOP candidate shows his disdain for half of America.”—By David Corn

During a private fundraiser earlier this year, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told a small group of wealthy contributors what he truly thinks of all the voters who support President Barack Obama. He dismissed these Americans as freeloaders who pay no taxes, who don’t assume responsibility for their lives, and who think government should take care of them. Fielding a question from a donor about how he could triumph in November, Romney replied: (More)

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Capitalism vs. Socialism by Linda Keita

I was up early today, and did some research on capitalism vs. Socialism. Do people realize that capitalism is evil by every sense of the word ? There are more people who favors socialism over capitalism. What does that say to you ?

I had never really researched why it was that ignorant white folks, and some blacks kept calling Obama a socialist. Well I completely see they are more afraid of him due their capitalistic background with the African Descendant’s. I also posed another widely rejected topic. that send people running, and that is atheism. America is a bottomless pit of evil doings. I am beginning to realize that the more we the African Descendant stand up too them here in this country. The faster they are getting the hell out the way, because our weapon is our minds, and it’s no longer accepted that they can come with a military approach to shut us down. I think something big is in the future for us, as well as all Americans, as it is they tailgated themselves onto the 14Th amendment an hitched a ride. Many times people don’t understand why I rant s much over the 14TH amendment right being a right given solely to the African Descendant, and it is because I have read the true intent of the 14TH amendment clarified, which clearly explained, that we are given a royal status which was not a second class citizenship, but rather one that was a Federal citizenship, with military and marshal law backing via a protected class. When African American realize what this is then they may come around to understand the issues of why reparations are inclusive. It has been a capitalistic mindset that has prevented them from following the XYZ of the constitutional amendments that ratified it, and it is the later law that has to be followed. they want the ABC which was the previous wording to continue. It was this that gave birth to the KKK. But the information age has given education to more blacks who can assimilate law without a degree in it. thereby their going about the world looking for modern day slaves they are still using religions as a form of capitalism as well.

Thomas concedes that ‘we the people’ didn’t include blacks – The Washington Post

Response: Finally Clarence Thomas has said something of substance. But I am going to see how “they” those who are always talking about the Constitution put a twist on what he said.

It is true, Justice Clarence Thomas acknowledged the other night, that the “we the people” extolled in the Constitution 225 years ago did not include people who looked like him.

But the Declaration of Independence did, he contended, and that was something that a black kid growing up in Savannah, Ga., was told early on. (More)