Nash Democrats get fired up for fall campaign – Rocky Mount Telegram

Linda Coleman urged local Democrats to muster all the energy they can leading up to what she described as the “most important election of our lifetime.”

Coleman, the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, said too much is at stake for people to sit at home this election.

“It is time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work,” she said Thursday during the Nash County Democratic Fall Rally at Nash Community College. (More)

Republican Leader Finally Admits That Federal Spending Cuts Kill Jobs

Response: I Have Figured Mitt Romney And The Republican Party Out Why They Say They Can Do Better

It’s an article of faith amongst Republicans that government can’t create jobs, and that cutting government spending will lead to job growth. Republicans even pushed the nation to the brink of a debt default in order to secure cuts in federal spending in 2010. (More)

WHIG TV – Has Anyone Wondered Why They Don’t Record The Princeville Town Hall Meetings Anymore?

I don’t know for sure why WHIG TV do not record the Princeville Town Hall meetings anymore but if I was to guess my answer would be that they don’t have any sponsor that pays them to go video the meeting.

So Political Agitator why you go there?

Because several years ago Herb Greenberg owner WHIG TV asked me to record the Princeville Town meetings for him. He said he had a person that was paying sponsorship to record those meetings. I said to him I will not record Princeville meetings when he do not show the school board and other meetings across the county.

During that time there were other meetings across the county that had some negativity just like Princeville but Herb didn’t want folks to see what was going on in meetings that were a majority white boards vs Princeville being all black.

At the last Princeville Town Hall meeting that I attended a citizen asked me would the meeting be on WHIG TV and I told him no but it would be on my website.

However the Town pays someone to video their meetings so I wonder why they do not sell the video to WHIG TV or better yet why don’t they give Herb a copy? I am surprised that the Princeville 3 Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis Andrews and Commissioner Calvin Sherrod have not tried to get their meetings on WHIG TV so the citizens could see what they are doing since they say they are working for the citizens.

If you want to see a real racist comedy show look at WHIG TV during the times when they have talk shows. They love to talk about the Rocky Mount City Council because they are majority black. And they have no respect for “Our” current President who just happens to be black.


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