I Have Figured Mitt Romney And The Republican Party Out Why They Say They Can Do Better

Damn I am brilliant! I have figured it out!

Mitt Romney and the Republican Party say they can do better than “Our” current President Barack Obama.


They don’t have to have a plan all they have to do is to say they are going to REVERSE everything that “Our” current President has done.

So there you have it! The Party of REVERSE!

The truth was laid out about what has really happened under “Our” current President Barack Obama’s administration.

The Republicans have continued to lie and to attempt to steal the election in November 2012.

The Democratic Convention Laid The Truth Out

The Invisible Chair That You Didn’t See At The End Of The Speech

"Our" President Barack Obama Put It Down. Yes He Did!

If you tell me that the Democratic National Convention was not "AWESOME" be you Democrat, Republican and/or Other then you are just simply "Ignant" in my man Steve Harvey’s voice.

We all witnessed some damn good speeches whether you like a Democrat or not.

Tell me the truth has not been revealed in the past 3 days and I say again you are simply "Ignant!"

Okay there you have it folks if you didn’t know now you know.

So here is the invisible chair. The chair is there like they do in church you can sit in it or you can continue to live in confusion. You should not be confused after the past 3 days.


Speaking Truth to Power!

Damn the Truth Hurts, Get the Hell Over It!


Yes We Can!

I Know We Will!

4 More Years!

Right on! Right on!! Right on!!! I’ll drink to that!


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