Breaking News: Princeville NC – The Princeville 3 Hires A Part-time Worker

Sources say Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates called a Special Meeting last night to be held this morning at 11:00. Some folks were not clear on what the purpose of the meeting would be.

I learned today that the meeting was held as scheduled and the Princeville 3 Mayor Everette-Oates, Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and Commissioner Calvin Sherrod hired Maggie Boyd the former interim Town Manager to work around 19 hours a week.

Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight attended the meeting and voted against the hiring of Boyd however, Purvis-Andrews and Sherrod voted to hire Boyd. Commissioner Ann Howell was not able to attend the meeting due to having a previous appointment. Knight had an appointment also but was able to make it back to Princeville to the meeting. Although I said the Princeville 3 hired Boyd only Purvis-Andrews and Sherrod voted and Mayor Everette-Oates didn’t have to break the tie this time. However trust me if Howell had been present the Mayor would have voted along with her flunkies.

So why would the Princeville 3 hire Boyd to work part-time? Well! So they can have someone to report to them what is going on in the office since the Local Government Commission (LGC) is there daily. But damn it would have made sense for them to hire someone other than Boyd since she and Knight are tangled up in a “No Contact Order” through the Edgecombe County Courts whereby they are not suppose to be in the presence of each other other than at a Town Meeting. Now this is not good because Knight can’t question Boyd during the Town Meetings although they can be in the same room.

Well the LGC meets tomorrow and just maybe they will send the SBI in to investigate what seems to be some criminal activity going on in Princeville Town Hall. Too bad Congressman G.K. Butterfield’s office do not investigate criminal activity because the Princeville 3 signed a Resolution at the last meeting saying that his office would be investigating any wrongdoings that may have taken place in Princeville dating back to the 1999 flood. The Congressman’s office responded several days later saying that if the town felt that there were some wrong doings that the town need to contact the local authorities to file a complaint.

Can’t wait to see what the next step will be when LGC meets on tomorrow.

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The New Word For The Day – Black Folks Who Are Politically Engaged

There is a difference between being a Black leader and being a Black who is politically engaged the new word for today.

Okay today Black leaders are few but Black folks who are politically engaged are more the norm than ever before.

The Black leaders of today are trying to fight the good fight to make a difference in the lives for those who don’t speak for themselves for whatever reason. These Black leaders are not fighting for themselves and frankly do not have to be in the fight but because “we” hell yeah I say “we” because I am including me do not have to do what we do. We could stay at home and be in our own little comfort zone. We don’t have to sacrifice our families by being away from our families lot of time and speaking truth to power in the public which makes us a threat and many times making our families feel uncomfortable. Not going to go into detail because those who know me know what I stand for but for those who don’t all I am gonna say is that I don’t have to do what I do.

The Black folks who are politically engaged can be somewhat dangerous to the Black leader because they can’t be trusted. You see I find many who are Black and politically engaged will forget from when they came and do not look at the total picture. The Black who are politically engaged can be real dangerous because I have found out that they will stand with the last person they are with and not stand on what is absolutely right. These Blacks are what I call Safe Negroes. Well the Black leader puts him/herself life on the line and there is nothing safe about that because he/she is looked upon as a threat.

I know who the Black leaders are and who the Black folks are who are politically engaged.

You see I evaluate Black folks all the time and I give them a grade based upon how I see them and not how others see them. The few Black leaders are in demand and they can’t be everywhere all the time. They can’t be involved in too many things at one time. They must find what capacity they want to serve in so they can be effective and stay in their lane.

It is tough being a Black leader because the Black folks who are politically engaged will run you in the ground because they are jealous, envy you and just mad as hell with themselves because they want you to be just like them. You see if you be just like them ya’ll will be on the same level in the Safe Zone.

The Black folks who are politically engaged need to work on becoming a Black leader. The Black leader will be about doing what is right all the time and not some of the time. We are living in a time where we must be about ZERO Tolerance when it comes to POLITICS because people lives depend on it choices that are being made by others so we must either the Black leader making the choices or we must be the Black leader holding those making the choice accountable for their actions.

I don’t play when it comes to politics so if you don’t want to get your damn feelings hurt don’t fool with me when it comes to POLITICS because I am going to stand for what is right be it popular, unpopular, black, brown, white and/or other. 

Maybe I need to do a list of who I consider as Black Leaders and Blacks who are politically engaged. Well!


Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What? Don’t Get It Twisted! I Am Not Against Having An ID But What I Am Against Is Voter ID Being The Word Of The Day Because REPUBLICANS Say It Is About Voter Fraud

Damn I get so sick and tired of “ignance!” You see just because something makes sense does not always make it a good thang. Hell yeah it makes sense to have an I.D. for many many reasons, however some folks who are old school do not have an ID. They may never had a Driver’s License, Credit Card and some other things that many young folks have today. Yeah there are some young folks who don’t have either also.

My point is I don’t have a problem with having an ID, but damn right I have a problem with trying to oppress folks (especially black folks) by calling it Voter ID. If there is a proven case of the need for Voter ID due to Voter Fraud then let’s deal with it. However the purpose of Voter ID the word today is because the REPUBLICANS want to keep some black folks from voting.

It is a damn shame that the REPUBLICANS want to make it hard for good old law abiding citizens who have voted all of their lives to become disenfranchised. Sad! This is just racist and has nothing to do with Voter ID but all to do with trying to get REPBUBLICANS elected to office.

Well the sad part is I just can’t get over black folks who are politically engaged the new word for the day who have fell for this REPUBLICAN ignance. Damn some black folks who are politically engaged make it appear that it is the Democrats who are racist because they make it appear that black folks do not have an I.D. and that we are better than that. This is just ignant as hell. These black folks who are making these statements are doing nothing but making the REPUBLICANS think they have credibility for their racist bull manure.

Hell yeah I said it, now what?

Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Of Education Meeting Monday September 10, 2012 6:30 PM Following Board Policy Committee Meeting at 6 PM

Board Policy Committee to meet Monday, Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. The Edgecombe County Board Policy Committee will meet Monday, Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. in Boardroom #3 to review policy numbers 1010 (Board Vision Statement) and 1011 (Board Mission Statement).

Board of Education to meet Monday, Sept. 10 at 6:30 p.m. The Edgecombe County Board of Education will meet in regular session Monday, September 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the Central Office board rooms. View agenda…
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New Rules – The New York Times

Response: I totally agree: That’s why I prefer the new mantra floated by Clinton at the Democratic convention, (which Obama has tried to fund): “We have to prepare more Americans for the new jobs that are being created in a world fueled by new technology. That’s why investments in our people” — in more community colleges, Pell grants and vocational-training classes — “are more important than ever.”

I JUST arrived in Shanghai, but I’m thinking about Estonia and wondering about something Presidents Clinton and Obama have been saying.

Wired magazine reported last week that public schools in Estonia are establishing a program for teaching first graders — and kids in all other grades — how to do computer programming. Wired said that the curriculum was created “because of the difficulty Estonian companies face in hiring programmers. Estonia has a burgeoning tech industry thanks in part to the success of Skype, which was developed in Estonia in 2003.” (More)

I Have Figured Mitt Romney And The Republican Party Out Why They Say They Can Do Better

Damn I am brilliant! I have figured it out!

Mitt Romney and the Republican Party say they can do better than “Our” current President Barack Obama.


They don’t have to have a plan all they have to do is to say they are going to REVERSE everything that “Our” current President has done.

So there you have it! The Party of REVERSE!

The truth was laid out about what has really happened under “Our” current President Barack Obama’s administration.

The Republicans have continued to lie and to attempt to steal the election in November 2012.

The Democratic Convention Laid The Truth Out

The Invisible Chair That You Didn’t See At The End Of The Speech

"Our" President Barack Obama Put It Down. Yes He Did!

If you tell me that the Democratic National Convention was not "AWESOME" be you Democrat, Republican and/or Other then you are just simply "Ignant" in my man Steve Harvey’s voice.

We all witnessed some damn good speeches whether you like a Democrat or not.

Tell me the truth has not been revealed in the past 3 days and I say again you are simply "Ignant!"

Okay there you have it folks if you didn’t know now you know.

So here is the invisible chair. The chair is there like they do in church you can sit in it or you can continue to live in confusion. You should not be confused after the past 3 days.


Speaking Truth to Power!

Damn the Truth Hurts, Get the Hell Over It!


Yes We Can!

I Know We Will!

4 More Years!

Right on! Right on!! Right on!!! I’ll drink to that!

Ignant Column: I Just Don’t Understand How Some Folks Can Be So Ignant When It Comes To Voting For The REPUBLICAN Presidential Nightmare Team (The RPNT)!

I just don’t understand how some folks can be so “Ignant” when it comes to voting for the Republican Presidential Nightmare Team (The RPNT)!

Why in the hell would anyone vote for someone who wants you to pay their taxes while they pay less?

Why in the hell would anyone vote for someone who wants to take away affordable healthcare while they have the best healthcare there is?

Why in the hell would anyone vote for someone who are lying and want to steal the election so they can take you back?

Damn ain’t this enough?

Well if you want to vote for someone who meets the qualifications above then it is of my opinion that you are just “Ignant” as hell. Now don’t get it twisted because you may be voting for these persons because they stand for something else. Well what is the something else? But remember the something else will still include these things I named above.

The RPNT! Well! Add 2 E’s and what do you have? Yep they need to do it: R_P_NT!

But I have figured them out:

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I Have Figured Mitt Romney And The Republican Party Out Why They Say They Can Do Better