When I Video Funerals Read The Following


I record funerals only by request. I put the videos/pictures on separate DVDs so they can be watched on a DVD player. I also put the pictures on a CD just in case someone would like to develop the pictures. I do not print pictures.

Some people do not understand that recording a homegoing service is capturing history. Many people do not attend their family reunions however the majority of the time people will take time out to attend a family member’s homegoing.

I try to capture every single person that is at the homegoing service. I record the family and others who enters the church/facility as the service is called to order. At the end of the service I try to capture everyone coming out of the service. I normally record the burial at the graveyard. I then go to the repass if there is one and I record the blessing of the food and the food being served.

Most of the time I produce the video/pictures at the repass so I can give it to the family before the repass is over. If not I will go home and produce the video/pictures so I can give the video/pictures to the family on the same day. Sometimes I may go to the family member’s home and produce the video/pictures from my car. There may be some times when I will not be able to produce the video/pictures on the same day however I try to produce the video/pictures within 2 – 3 days.

I do not put the video/pictures online unless the family give me permission. A homegoing celebration is a personal thing and I dare to share the video/pictures with anyone unless I am given permission to do so.

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Venue change kills trip – Daily Southerner (Democratic National Convention)

In this article: Edgecombe County commissioner Viola Harris, Rocky Mount councilman Andre’ Knight and political activist Curmilus Dancy of Pinetops had tickets to attend Thursday’s night event. Through an email on Wednesday, they were told there would be a change of venue and they would not be able to attend.

TARBORO — A change of venue for the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte left a few of Edgecombe County democrats, who were among 65,000 community ticket holders, disappointed because they would not be able to attend the convention.

The threat of severe weather caused organizers to move the Convention from the Bank of America Stadium to Time Warner Cable Arena that seats slightly more than 20,000. Heavy rains soaked the stadium Thursday afternoon. (More)

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