Democratic National Convention And Why I Am Not There Because I Should Be There!

I should be at the Convention.

I should have tried to be a delegate for the 1st Congressional District since my name is known across the district but that does not necessarily mean I would have won the nomination. However I will never know because it is just like the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t get in the game.

The reason why I didn’t try to be a delegate is because my wife is unemployed but taking nursing classes at the community college. My son is a freshman in high school and my daughter is in her Senior year at North Carolina Central University. I have to keep my priorities in check.

But I do plan on going to Charlotte on Thursday to see my President speak live for the 3rd time. I videoed him when he came to North Carolina on his campaign tour during his last election. I videoed him at NC Central University, East Carolina University and at Wilson Beddingfield High School. However I had the opportunity to video Michelle Obama when she came to Rocky Mount the week before the election. I also had the opportunity to video William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton when he came to NC Wesleyan College to campaign on behalf of Obama also. I shared all of these videos on The DCN News Blog/Online TV.

I had a ticket to go to the Inauguration but I had a stomach virus however I don’t think I could have endured the weather. So I gave the ticket to a friend who did attend.

But my, my, my look at the history I could have on video and the pictures that I could have shared with others on The DCN News Blog/Online TV, Facebook and Twitter at my expense because the donations are few and far beyond. But that’s alright because I represent the least of those however others benefit as well.

Well in the meantime I will just watch all that I can on TV.

What a historical moment for North Carolina.

Yes We Can!

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