Credit problems plague Princeville – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: How ignant! The article explains it.

However, the phone assigned to the mayor was used an average of 6,914 minutes during the past three months, according to the report. Documentation was not available for the business purpose of the calls, the report states.

Everette-Oates said she has received numerous calls since the LGC intervened in Princeville.

“It should be 10,000 minutes,” Everette-Oates said. “People are calling from all over.”

Everything that came in was Princeville-related, Everette-Oates said.

Memos and status reports provided by the N.C. Local Government Commission shed light on some of Princeville’s financial challenges. (More)

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One thought on “Credit problems plague Princeville – Rocky Mount Telegram

  1. We cannot read the Rocky Mount Telegram articles if we are not subscribers. If possible, could you post the articles. Neither of the last two articles have been available.

    Sorry but I can’t do that! Wish I could but they have it so that only paid subscribers can read certain articles.

    This is why I subscribe to the Telegram and to the Wilson Times.


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