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Democratic National Convention

I nominate Michelle Obama!

Boy did she put it down tonight for “Our” President but she also paved the way to 2016.

Yes She Can!

Right on! Right on!! Right on!!! I’ll drink to that!

Yes We Can!

Chris Wallace falsely claims Obama had filibuster-proof majority for 2 years – The Raw Story

Response: Well it gets gooder and gooder as the election nears. This is what I am talking about good Democrats have got to get the information out about what is real and what is perceived by Democrats because like the article states if “they” keep saying it even Democrats will believe it. I like the following found in this article: As Talking Points Memo observed, Sen. Ted Kennedy’s (D-MA) temporary replacement wasn’t sworn in until Sept. 24 of 2009, giving Democrats a filibuster-proof majority for four months and one week until Republican Scott Brown filled Kennedy’s seat after a special election.”

So can’t wait to see how they twist that truth.

The sad part is some Democrats really believed this mess. This is why it is so important for Democrats to get the truth out there while "they" continue to lie, cheat and attempt to steal the election.

Like one of my friends said it is almost a sin and criminal to be one of those Republicans who continue to behave in such manner.

The Raw Story: Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday made the false claim that the Democratic Party had a 60-vote majority for two years after President Barack Obama took office.

During an interview with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Wallace pointed out that Obama had not accomplished “major entitlement reform” in his first four years in office. (More)

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David Koch breaks from GOP on gay marriage, taxes, defense cuts – Politico

TAMPA, Fla. – Billionaire industrialist David Koch, who is helping steer millions of dollars to elect Mitt Romney and congressional Republicans, on Thursday told POLITICO he disagrees with the GOP’s stance on gay marriage and believes the U.S. needs to consider raising taxes to balance the budget.

Koch, who is serving as a delegate to the Republican National Convention from New York, spoke to POLITICO after delivering brief remarks at a reception held in his honor by Americans for Prosperity, the political advocacy group he chairs and has helped fund. (More)

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A battleground state, a battleground county – Wilson Times

Note: This is an old article.

North Carolina is shaping up to be a crucial battleground state in the 2012 presidential election, according to an award-winning, national journalist and political writer who is spending time in Wilson County.

Dante Chinni writes for “PBS NewsHour” and The Wall Street Journal. His work is funded by the Knight Foundation.

This week he’s in Wilson — getting to know the people, the geography, basically getting a feel for the community and what might drive voters next November. (More)