Locals head to Charlotte for Democratic convention – Rocky Mount Telegram

Following a series of rousing speeches, hype and excitement in Tampa during the Republican National Convention last week, all eyes now will turn to North Carolina for the Democratic National Convention.

The three-day event, which starts Tuesday in Charlotte, will feature a variety of speakers and festivities. It will culminate Thursday when President Barack Obama is scheduled to give his nomination acceptance speech at Bank of America Stadium. (More)

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N.C. Democrats preach unity as convention draws near – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: Now this is interesting I didn’t know that: Parker was suspended from his position on the Charlotte Host Committee, which helped assemble the convention. Robinson said Parker focused pre-convention on getting the state delegation organized and their questions answered, as well as helping people find seats for Obama’s acceptance speech at Bank of America Stadium on Thursday night.

RALEIGH – It’s been a contentious year for North Carolina Democrats in the run-up to Tuesday’s start of the national party convention in Charlotte, but they expect division to fade as they witness President Barack Obama seeking to make history in their backyard once again.

State party leaders and Democratic National Convention delegates are preaching harmony with the approach of a watershed event they hope will energize party regulars and newcomers through the fall campaigns. (More)

WSJ: Mitt Romney’s Policy Speech Too Vague – HuffPost Politics

Response: This goes to show that obviously our President is not doing as bad as “they” want to make it appear. Glad you asked. Hell this article and many others tell the story. These good ole boys ain’t talking nothing. They are banking on trying to discredit “our” black President just because he is black.

But the plan was put in place the same night of “our” black President’s inauguration when the Republicans met and said they were not going to support nothing that President Barack Obama brought to the table. They have kept their promise but want to make it appear that “our” President is the problem.

Well ignant racist white folks and ignant safe Negroes just don’t get it. But you will. Ya’ll gonna learn the day.

The Wall Street Journal on Friday criticized Mitt Romney’s speech at the Republican National Convention this week as too vague and "failing to explain his own agenda."

Romney’s speech hinted at major policy ideas, the editorial said, but didn’t offer substantial details.

The piece explained: (More)

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John Birch, KKK Endorse Willard Romney – VegasJesse

If you think electing a Mormon is different than electing a Klansman President of the United States, I’ve got news for you: it isn’t. This is a man who sought the endorsement of Ted Nugent who said he believes we’d be better off if the South won the Civil War. If that’s not a call for bringing back Jim Crow laws, I don’t know what is. (More)

Who’s telling the truth about Medicare? – Chicago Tribune

Response: This is some good stuff here. A MUST READ!

Having failed to make their case talking about jobs and the economy, Republicans now say they want to make this campaign a debate about Medicare (when they’re not talking about abortion). That’s why Mitt Romney named Paul Ryan, the longtime champion of radical change to Medicare, as his running mate.

This is good for America. And this is good for Democrats and Republicans. On one condition only: as long as we have an honest debate on the facts — and not on the lies about Medicare told in campaign ads. (More)

Langley to manage senior center – Rocky Mount Telegram

For Alex Langley, the target audience of the Rocky Mount Senior Center he manages might not be what he is used to working with but his goal of wellness is universal regardless of a person’s age.

Langley coordinated the intramural leagues and ran the recreation center at N.C. Wesleyan College for four years before a brief stint focusing on youth sports at the Rocky Mount YMCA before accepting the senior center manager position in March. (More)