In the Atlanta area of Georgia on the local news, there has been news coverage about how difficult it is to obtain a drivers license. Well! So that is what the REPUBLICAN PARTY wants so Black Folks will not be able to vote.

In the Atlanta area of Georgia on the local news, there has been news coverage about how difficult it is to obtain a drivers license. The lines are long the requirements are unclear until the people get to the front of the line only to be sent away and additional requests of more proof required. Then we see numerous states coming up with these voter registration laws! Hummm! There’s nothing wrong with my vision! I see a pattern here! Start of the country- Blacks can’t vote! Civil rights era- we will make it very difficult for Blacks to vote! Today- we will target Blacks so that they can’t vote! America does not want Black people to vote! It’s simple !!!!

Response: So how in the hell do you justify those who want to be in compliance but have to endure obstacles and then we have folks like my black brother from Pitt County who thinks this VOTER ID bullmanure coming from the REPUBLICAN PARTY is alright and that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is not giving us enough credit to provide a picture ID.

Breaking News: Calvin Ballance Has Been Named As The New Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant Manager

Calvin Ballance, was named last week as the new Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant Manager!

Ballance recently served as Interim Plant Manager at the Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant.

Welcome to Rocky Mount NC Mr. Ballance.

Calvin Ballance. Cummins organizational/technical leader Calvin Ballance got involved in manufacturing engineering during summer internships at Digital Equipment and General Motors, two companies that had provided scholarships to North Carolina A&T State University (Greensboro, NC) for him.

Automotive manufacturing won out, and he went to work for GM when he graduated in 1983. As a supervisor and process engineer he supervised jig and fixture builders in construction, maintenance and repair of tooling and equipment, and got to design and recommend revisions. "I was responsible for inventory control, employee safety and performance," he says.

Rejected voter ID law, maps ruled discriminatory not deterring Texas Republicans – The Washington Post

SAN ANTONIO — On Election Day in Texas, the mere act of voting would have been fresh flexing of Republican power: Show a photo ID, then cast a ballot in a political district likely drawn to favor GOP candidates.

The script has changed, though, with two federal courts sizing it up as minority discrimination. (More)

Ohio ordered to restore weekend early voting in judge’s ruling – The Washington Post

A federal judge ruled Friday that Ohio must allow in-person voting on the weekend before the presidential election, a victory for Democrats who claimed Republican efforts to close down early voting were aimed at discouraging voters most likely to support President Obama.

The ruling is the second this week on Ohio voting. (More)

Robert Batts Named Principal at North Edgecombe High School

Robert Batts was named principal at North Edgecombe High School at the Aug. 23 meeting of the Edgecombe County Board of Education.

Batts, who will officially begin his role Sept. 4, is replacing Principal Dannie Williams who has been at North since 2008 when he joined the district. Williams will be leaving ECPS to assume a central office position with another district.

Batts comes to ECPS from Nash Rocky Mount Schools where he was most recently the Assistant Principal at Southern Nash High School. He began his career in 2004 as a teacher at Elm City Middle School in Wilson County before earning his Master of School Administration degree from East Carolina University in 2010. Batts went on to serve as an assistant principal at Nash Central Middle School until March 2012 when he was named Interim Principal there. He began his position at Southern Nash in July 2012.

North Edgecombe High School is located at 7589 NC Highway 33 NW in Tarboro and currently serves 315 students in grades nine through twelve.


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Princeville wants to hire CPA firm to search for money owed town – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — PRINCEVILLE – Princeville’s board of commissioners approved a resolution Monday night that will allow a High Point CPA firm to go after money that could be owed the town. Although the proposal passed by a 3-2 vote, the final decision does not lie in the board’s hands.

Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates and commissioners Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and Calvin Sherrod supported the proposal, made by Robert S. Segal, CPA, while commissioners Ann Howell and Gwen Knight said they voted against it because they needed more information. (More)

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Princeville NC

Ignant Column: Sheria Reid Responds To The Black Pastor Dr. Patrick Wooden’s Ad “Don’t Vote For Obama”

Response: As always I agree with Attorney Sheria Reid comments because she be right on! Thank you my friend. Yes I said it, Dr. Patrick Wooden made my Ignant Column.

I agree with you that I think that urging people how to vote crosses the line of separation between church and state. I think that the IRS needs to take another look at his church’s tax exempt status.
In addition, the President did

not address the rightness or wrongness of homosexuality, President Obama addressed a civil rights issue. To deny gay people the right to marry is discrimination. Marriage is a legal contract. You don’t have to say your vows in a church or a temple or synagogue or any religious structure for it to be legal as long as you have a license and are married by a person with the legal authority to marry people under state law.

It wasn’t that long ago that white people used the Bible to justify their opposition to interracial marriage. Anti-miscegenation laws were in place in southern states until 1964 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Loving vs. the State of Virginia that such laws violated the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.

I grew up under segregation and it disgusts and appalls me that a black minister would advocate for discrimination against any group of people.

As for the Bible, if we take it literally, Leviticus, where most point to declare homosexuality to be an abomination, also includes in Leviticus 20:10 that a man and a woman who commit adultery are to be put to death. Given the amount of infidelity that goes on, some of it arising among church members, we need to start gathering a lot of stones. Leviticus also prohibits eating shellfish. Based on the number of black folks that I see at Red Lobster, I don’t think that this prohibition is being followed.

Sheria Reid

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