DCN Inspiration Award – Anthony Clark A Very Multi Talented Brother Who I Have Found To Be Very Passionate About Trying To Make Life Better For All People But Especially For Children


Picture was taken by The DCN on Saturday August 25, 2012 at the 1st Congressional District Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting. Anthony is the chair of the Northampton County Democratic Party.

I am Anthony R. Clark, Sr.

Who considers myself a visionary who prides himself with the help I provide people.

Born: March 28, 1952 in the Northampton County, North Carolina town of Rich Square

School: attended Elementary School at W.S. Creecy during the freedom of choice era Anthony was among 88 students encouraged to integrate schools in Northampton County by the NAACP and transferred to Northampton County – East where he graduated in 1970. Anthony furthered his education by attending Fayetteville State University where he graduated in 1975. Anthony also pursued development certificates at East Carolina, Duke University and the University of North Carolina.

Work: Upon graduating from FSU he began a career in the Northampton County Schools System where he taught school as Middle Grade Occupation Exploration teacher. He was promoted to Job Placement Coordinator and Title XI Coordinator, eventually serving as Interim Vocational Director for the County School System.

Anthony worked as an Administrator with E.M.B.R.A.C.E. a non profit intergeneration organization that focused on meeting the needs of Senior Citizens. Seeing and meeting needs of people that were far beyond the needs of what was originally envisioned he began a process to meet those needs

Anthony also worked for Democracy South that eventually became Democracy North Carolina to address campaign finance reform and voter rights. He served as a Field Organizer for the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Because a of a desire to continue to work in his local community he formed another non profit 501(c)3 titled UHURU Community Development Corporation where he served as President & CEO for 15 years.

Anthony has served on the following Boards of Directors:

Choanoke Area Development Association

Choanoke Area Development Association Headstart

The Community Reinvestment Association of North Carolina now know as Reinvestment Partners.

The Upper Coastal Plain Council of Government Governing Board

The Upper Coastal Plain Council of Government Workforce Development Board

The North Carolina Rural Education Working Group

From The DCN

I have known Anthony for several years but not personally. Anthony was on my email list for several years.

However I met Anthony in 2008 when he was responsible for me being able to attend Barack Obama Campaign event at NC Central University in Durham NC.

I have really gotten to know Anthony through the (NCREWG) North Carolina Rural Education Working Group when I attended a meeting in Wilson NC last year. Anthony is the chair of the group and he is very passionate about preserving our public education system. I joined the group at this meeting and I have been excited about being a member to date.

I have been an advocate for public education since the early 90’s. I feel strongly that I have found a group under the leadership of Anthony that can help me to better advocate for public education.

I have learned so much from Anthony over the past year and I value our working relationship as we advocate for public education. I look forward to a long working relationship with Anthony and hope to one day serve on the board under his leadership.

It is with much love that I proudly add Anthony to the list of those who have been an inspiration to me. Thank you Anthony for all that you do

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