2012 Democratic Party National Convention Charlotte North Carolina

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North Carolina students face sweeping curriculum changes – News & Observer

When the state’s 1.5 million public school students head back to the classroom this week, they will encounter a markedly different environment: When and how they learn will be redefined under a new set of education standards.

They’ll still have math, but it won’t be called algebra. Instruction in statistics and probability will start in middle school. Students will be asked to think and reason more, to read more nonfiction and less fiction. (More)

1st Congressional District Executive Committee Democrats Met In Tarboro


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Don Davis Chair (left) Zette McArn Secretary (right)

The 1st Congressional District Executive Committee met in Tarboro at the Edgecombe County Administration Bldg. to take care of some business yesterday Saturday August 23, 2012. Very informative meeting about what is going on in the 1st District since it has been split and lost members to the 13th Congressional District.

I for one is now in the 13th but still a precinct chair for the 1st Congressional District. So what does that mean? That means I will be attending the 1st Congressional District meetings and the 13th Congressional District meetings if meetings are not held at the same time. The 1st Congressional District will meet in Tarboro which is centrally located for the district and the 13th will meet anywhere from Nash County back to Raleigh until a central location has been locked down.

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Mitt Romney’s record in N.C.: a mix of profits, jobs and layoffs – News & Observer

Mitt Romney’s business record, a central tenet to his campaign for the White House, is encapsulated in Bain Capital’s investments in North Carolina.

Take Gocom Television, a regional station owner eyeing a bigger share of the market. In 1997, with Romney as chief executive at Bain, the firm put $50 million to $100 million into the Charlotte company. With the expansion, Gocom flourished and the Boston-based private equity firm earned a hefty profit for its investors, selling three years later for a threefold return. (More)

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Tata boosts schools’ case for more support, concedes work to be done – News & Observer

RALEIGH — In his state of the schools address Thursday, Wake County schools superintendent Tony Tata walked a fine line between celebrating the system’s successes and serving notice that this year’s more rigorous Common Core curriculum could bring “sticker shock” and lower scores.

A likely 2013 bond referendum to pay for school construction and renovation lay behind the whole speech, earning a strong endorsement in the closing moments of the 90-minute program at Southeast Raleigh High School. (More)

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