• Bad Economy Blamed on President George W. Bush, Congress and Wall Street;
Disapproving Respondents Don’t Look to Another Presidential Alternative
Los Angeles, CA – August 22, 2012 – With many citing the economy as the most important issue for the
2012 presidential election,, a leading digital source of emergent Black culture, and a
coalition of top black civic, entertainment and media organizations, conducted The State of the Black
Economy (SOBE) survey, a study of African American public opinion on the issue. The study,
conducted from July 9th to July 27th, tapped into a panel of more than 5,000 regular African American
visitors to the website.

According to polling results released today,’s African American panel respondents are more
pessimistic about the national economy than they are on their own personal finances, however, 86%
approve of President Obama’s performance on the economy. While overall the president’s economic job
approval number have been hovering around the mid to low 40s; African Americans see him as doing
much better than the public at large. The panel respondents tend to blame the current economic problems
on former President George W. Bush, Wall Street, and Congress, more so than President Obama. Panel
respondents also tend to think that President Obama’s race influences the public criticism he receives
when people speak about his economic job performance.

When panel respondents who disapproved (14%) of the President’s performance on the economy were
asked who could do better than President Obama the most common response suggested no one. The
second most common response among disapproving respondents was that a Democratic Congress could
do better. The distant third most common response (9%) was a third-party Presidential candidate. The
list of responses—panel respondents could only check one—included a Republican President (1%), the
Republican Congress (<1%), a Democratic other than Obama (6%), a Democratic Congress (20%), a non-
Democrat or non-Republican president (9%), a different African American (1%), none of the above
(44%), and unsure (17%).

Asked specifically about how much President Obama “cares about the needs of Black people” compared
to “past presidents” and compared to “former President Bill Clinton,” respondents said that Obama cared
more than past presidents, but equal amounts said he cared “the same” as or “more” than former President

Panelists also offered opinions about job policy priorities. When asked about the issue of jobs in the
United States, a majority of panel respondents say job creation should be more important than reducing
the deficit and that tougher immigration enforcement would not lead to more job opportunities. The panel
respondents were split on the issue of whether tax decreases for business would stimulate job growth.
Panel respondents also preferred “issue targeted” policies over “race targeted” policies.

On the issue of race, (70%) of the panel respondents see “African Americans” as sharing more common
experiences than “Americans” in general, (55%). The survey also found that panel respondents perceive
more racial bias for other African Americans than they experience in their own daily lives; yet, list
“workplace discrimination” among their greatest concerns for job security.

Racial perceptions influenced African Americans panel respondents’ assessment of criticism leveled at
President Obama. The overwhelming majority of respondents hold the view that all “Americans” and
“African Americans” hold President Obama to a “higher standard than other presidents.” When asked
why, nearly 9 out of 10 responded that both “Americans” and “African Americans” hold President
Obama to a higher standard “because of his race”.

The findings from the 2012 “State of the Black Economy” (SOBE) study, which took place from July 9th
through July 27th, reflect the collective self-reported views of over a thousand African American panel
respondents. The panel is a diverse mix of individuals across a range of demographics. For more
information on the results, go to commissioned
the survey in an effort to better understand the economic priorities of African Americans and the
perceptions behind the racial disparity that exists in today’s economy.

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City council approves incentives for pharmaceutical company –

Rocky Mount could award a local pharmaceutical company cash grants totaling more than $5 million over 10 years in return for a plant expansion that would add 200 jobs.

The Rocky Mount City Council on Wednesday endorsed the inducement proposal without naming the company. In city documents outlining the terms of the proposal, the name of the company was blackened out. City officials would not identify the company. (More)

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Top recruit collapses in court after receiving three-year prison sentence – Yahoo News

Response: Young folks this could be you.

Instead of sifting through scholarship offers, selecting a school and launching his college basketball career as he originally planned, an Ohio high school standout will have to put his dreams on hold. (More)

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TARBORO — “Take off if you believe all children can learn,” John Farrelly, superintendent of Edgecombe County Public Schools, told audience members at a fall semester kickoff held in Edgecombe Community College’s (ECC) Keihin Auditorium Monday morning. All of the educators in the room rose to their feet. (More)

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Patients Would Pay More if Romney Restores Medicare Savings, Analysts Say – New York Times

Response: Lies and more lies. Read all about them.

WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney’s promise to restore $716 billion that he says President Obama “robbed” from Medicare has some health care experts puzzled, and not just because his running mate, Representative Paul D. Ryan, included the same savings in his House budgets. (More)

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Politics – Black So-Called Leaders And Pastors/Ministers vs President Barack Obama

I believe this is the second time that black (especially black so-called leaders and pastors/ministers) have followed a Presidential Election to the degree of the 2008 and 2012 elections.

Why? Because Barack Obama is a black man.

Many black (especially black so-called leaders and pastors/ministers) who have followed the Presidential Elections in the past were in it because they were in it for a specific reason. Many were in it because of the dollar bills that come to town during election time.

Many (black so-called leaders and pastors/ministers) were mad as hell when Barack Obama sent his own people to the local communities to handle his campaign. You see they were used to taking campaign money and not doing any thing and some even play both sides. So discrediting “our” current President started long before he was sworn in and since he has been sworn in it has been on.

Since “our” current President has been in office many blacks (especially black so-called leaders and pastors/ministers) have held this black man more accountable for his actions than the 43 Presidents before him.

What tickles the hell out of me is many (black so-called leaders and pastors/ministers) who have their own personal agenda such as REPARATIONS and other things that are dear to them but the American people are not educated about such so it is not important them. There has been 43 white Presidents and they have not given these (black so-called leaders and pastors/ministers) REPARATIONS and their other personal agendas but they expected this black President to come in and in 4 years do every damn thing they want to see done.

So what is going on? Many (black so-called leaders and pastors/ministers) are talking about what “our” President is not doing per their agenda so therefore they are trying to get other black folks to not vote for “our” current President.

But you see I don’t have a problem with the black (so-called leaders and pastors/ministers) who have their own agenda but damn the problem that I do have is they are trying to discredit our current President but I have not seen them talk about other options. Well the only other option is to vote Republican or not vote at all. Well my first question has been to several (black so-called leaders and pastors/ministers) is have you changed your party affiliations and they say no. Well they don’t do it because they can play both sides be a registered Democrat but vote Republican something that many of them have accused others of doing over the years. My second question has been what other option do I have other than “our” current President? I don’t have another option because during the General Election I can vote for anyone on the ballot so therefore being a Democrat I could vote for a Republican on the local, state and national levels. I have not seen not one Republican that I want to vote for so I don’t have any options.

The Republican Party keep talking about carrying us back. They have not said back to where but damn if you think back many things ought to come to mind. If you don’t have a problem with that then something is wrong.

So I have another question for many (black so-called leaders and pastors/ministers) tell me how “our” current President has made things bad for black people and all people in general?

It is a damn shame that the (black so-called leaders and pastors/ministers) who are trying to discredit “our” current President are doing nothing but helping the Republican Party get some black votes. But then again there are some ignant black folks who say they are not going to vote. But don’t they know that the election is going to happen so not voting is not an option.

Note: Updated. Originally posted 8/22/12 18:13


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Poultry plant opponents are contemplating their next move after the N.C. Court of Appeals on Tuesday upheld a trial court judge’s decision that the city of Wilson lacks standing to challenge Nash County’s rezoning of property that has been identified as a potential location for a proposed Sanderson Farms chicken processing plant. (More)

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