Ohio GOP Rep Accused of Deliberately Keeping Black Voters from the Polls – KultureKritic

A member of the Ohio GOP was caught making remarks that will likely get him into trouble and paint his party in an embarrassing light.  Doug Preisse, Chairman of the Republican Party of Franklin County in Ohio (the county that contains the large city of Columbus) made comments that made some feel that he has a bias against black voters.

Ohio Secretary of State John Husted recently decided to cut early voting on nights and weekends, causing concern about voter turnout in minority communities.   In an email to the Columbus dispatch, Preisse said that the turnout of minority voters is not a high priority of his office: (More)

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Rocky Mount NC – I Watch WHIG-TV American Endanger Robert Cressionnie Tea Party Every Monday Night That I Am At Home And I Find He And His Callers To Be Quite Comical

I just love it when the show has really been about trying to discredit “our” current President but every time someone calls in and challenge him he says he was just as critical of George Bush. I find it too damn funny and very much hypocritical. Did they form a Tea Party when Bush was in office? Well!

I have called the show several times to challenge him especially on local issues when he has tried to discredit a young black male Rev. Andre Knight Rocky Mount City Councilman and President of the Rocky Mount NAACP. I have caught him in some lies and when I called him he could not produce the facts.

But on tonight Monday August 20, 2012 during the 19:30 – 20:30 show he announced that his Tea Party was going to meet at the Imperial Center. Well maybe I am having a senior moment but I thought the Imperial Center was one of the locations that was a part of the downtown revitalization projects completed by the Rocky Mount City Council. If I am correct Cressionnie and some of his faithful callers have complained about this project but tonight he said his Tea Party was going to have a meeting there. I find that to be quite interesting.

And then what was so interesting also is right after the American In Danger Show The Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce interviewed Charles Penny Rocky Mount City Manager about what was going on with downtown Rocky Mount. Penny said that a former Chamber member had taken someone to see a hull building in Whitakers and then the person said they wanted to see the downtown. Once the person seen the Imperial Center and the Douglas Block the person said he was going to bring his client back to Rocky Mount. Penny also said if no one else comes to Rocky Mount that about 3/4 of a million people come through Rocky Mount every year on the train and they see downtown and it may spark an interest to them to get off and to see just what is going on in Rocky Mount.

The person doing the interviewing said that he had seen some people in front of the Imperial Center and these people adults and children had rode the train from Cary NC. He asked them what did they think about it and they said they had not seen anything like it.

So back to American In Danger I try to look at it every Monday night that I am at home because I like to see what information he is going to bring on to attempt to discredit “our” President and our local elected officials. I haven’t called in lately because damn the show be so ignant that I want to call in but then I say what for? Oh well!

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Ellmers responds to lawmaker skinny-dipping – WTVD 11

RALEIGH (WTVD) — A North Carolina congresswoman was involved in a trip overseas where another lawmaker went skinny-dipping.

ABC11 has learned the Rep. Renee Ellmers was one of the people on a trip to Israel when a congressman from Kansas decided to swim naked at the holy site of the Sea of Galilee. (More)

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Exclusive: FBI probed GOP trip with drinking, nudity in Israel – Politico

Princeville administration upset with LGC’s investigation – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — To the Editor:

Commissioner Ann Howell and Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight have done it again, leaking out false information. Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight was at the Town Hall and she knows the restraining order clearly states that she cannot be within fifty feet and no communication with Interim Town Manager Maggie Boyd unless there is a Board Meeting. Guess what? There was no Board Meeting. Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight should be in contempt of court. (More)

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Princeville NC

Video/Pictures: Edgecombe County Public Schools – Leadership Academy Training Day 4


This chart Superintendent Farrelly is holding is history. He tore it up and put it in the trash.

Click on picture to view more pictures.

The Leadership Academy Training day 4 began with an opening by Dr. Meghan Doyle DPI with a brief overview of day 1 – 3. Only the schools and central office DPI were present today no parents nor students present. I guess I was the only parent present.

Superintendent John Farrelly followed Dr. Doyle and he showed a video of some of the activities from day 1 – 3. Farrelly put captions on the pictures and everyone was dying laughing. They gave a round of applause after the video of themselves. After the video Farrelly rolled over a trash can and he pulled out paper charts that was stationed at the central office where items had been recorded of weaknesses in the central office.

Following Farrelly was Karen Dameron Assistant Superintendent who talked about how she had observed the group during this training. She said she observed several things so therefore she put together an exercise dealing with animals. She asked everyone to pick an animal that represented being slow, quick, one that is a metaphor that changes and one that can keep things in their minds.

The turtle represented being slow, the cheater represented quickness, the butterfly represented change and the elephant represented being able to keep things in their minds.

Dameron then asked the elementary, middle, high school, DPI and central office to get together in groups to come up with how they would address each animal in their schools. The groups then gave their response.

I think everyone enjoyed the exercise that would be a means of accountability for each school.

Dannie T. Williams Principal North Edgecombe High School was given the opportunity to address the group. He asked that everyone stand up and make a circle. He said he wanted to share something with everyone, something that he does in his school. He asked everyone to hold hands. He held up a ball and he said watch the ball and see what happens when we are connected. Wow! Williams showed that the ball will light up when everyone is holding hands (connected). He asked that someone in the back to take their hands out of the person’s hand beside them. The light went out. He asked the person to put their hands in the person hand beside them again and the light came back on. He asked that someone to the left of him to take their hands out of the person’s hand beside them and the light went out again. But then when they (reconnected) the light came back on. What a powerful presentation. I think everyone was amazed and everyone including myself wanted to know where did he got that ball.

Dr. Doyle then asked that DPI and the central office to go to their meeting rooms. She asked that the elementary, middle and high schools to stay here in the gymnasium. The groups were asked to do a peer review.

I have really enjoyed all that have taken place this morning and if everyone keeps this up I believe ECPS will go to another level.


Click on the Superintendent to watch video.

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Paul Ryan Claims He Didn’t Know He Signed Letters Asking For Stimulus Funds – ThinkProgress

During an interview with Fox News’ Carl Cameron on Saturday, Paul Ryan tried to explain why he denied requesting stimulus funds for a local energy company in 2009 after voting against and demagoguing the Recovery Act. “My office sends tens of thousands of letters to various federal agencies. This went through what we call my case work system, where it was treated as a case work request for a constituent,” Ryan said. “It wasn’t my intention to send letters supporting the stimulus”: (More)

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