Politifact: Romney Claim That Obama Robbed Medicare of $700 Billion Is “Mostly False”

Politifact says plain as day that Romney’s claim that Obama robbed Medicare of $700 Billion is “mostly false” HERE:

The claim that Obama cut $700 billion out of Medicare is relatively new. Not long ago, the oft-cited number was $500 billion. How did he manage to cut another $200 billion when no one was looking?

First things first: Neither Obama nor his health care law literally cut a dollar amount from the Medicare program’s budget. (More)

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Ohio Secretary Of State Removes Democratic Members Of Election Board For Supporting Weekend Voting – ThinkProgress

In a dramatic move, Ohio Secretary of State John Husted immediately suspended two Democrats on a county election board after they voted to allow weekend voting.

Earlier, Husted issued a directive canceling weekend voting statewide. In 2008, Ohio offered early voting on the weekends and thousands of voters cast their ballot during that time. (More)

White Denial and Black Middle-Class Realities (Part 1) – BlackVoices

The denial of racism is an obsession of white America. In what has become a holy trinity of sorts – accusing others of playing the "race card;" noting the election of Barack Obama; and citing the success of the black middle class and/or the black elite – the denial of racism and the demonization of those who demand that America fulfill its creed of equality plagues contemporary racial discussions. It is a rarity to witness a conversation about race, whereupon this holy trinity isn’t deployed, derailing the conversation before it even begins. Whether highlighting segregation or inequality in access to education, health care, or countless institutions, whether noting the realities of stop-and-frisk or daily confrontations with American racism, the response is often the same: denial, denial, denial. (More)

Obama to promote ways for veterans to find work – Desert News (Publisher November 7, 2011

Response: For those who ask what has “our” President done and have tried to do. Fact he has tried to do many things some accomplished and some he is still fighting the good “ole” boys Republicans and also some Democrats. Read this article keeping in mind that is an old article dated November 7, 2011.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is promoting new ways to help veterans find jobs in a tough economy while pressing Congress to approve tax credits for businesses to hire former members of the military.

Just ahead of Veterans’ Day, Obama plans to meet Monday with leading veterans’ groups, then discuss steps his administration is taking to help veterans who have struggled to find work. The president was to speak from the White House Rose Garden Monday at noon. (More)

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Ryan overlooks own $20 million stimulus request while opposing stimulus – Rachel Maddow Show

Rachel Maddow explains that Paul Ryan is one of those Republican congressmen who criticized the economic stimulus while lying about advocating for millions to be apportioned to help his district. Ezra Klein, columnist for the Washington Post, joins to refute Ryan’s claim that the stimulus did not work. (More)

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Former Franklin sheriff headed to prison – News & Observer

The former Franklin County sheriff, convicted Friday of embezzling $221,000 in public funds, will follow many of the criminals he prosecuted to jail.

Patrick Allen Green, the Franklin sheriff from 2006 to January 2011, was sentenced to at least three and a half years in prison for two counts of felony embezzlement. (More)

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