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Princeville NC – So Where Is Attorney Charles (Chuck) Watts?

I have not heard anything about attorney Chuck Watts since he sent his letter to the Local Government Commission (LGC) meeting on July 30 trying to justify giving the Princeville 3 Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and Commissioner Calvin Sherrod more time to comply to LGC. He said he could not attend the July meeting because he was on a planned trip. Well you know the story LGC impounded the books and took control of Princeville finances.

Attorney Watts is a trip himself and the best thing he could do for the Town of Princeville is to not come back ever and to by-pass the town if he is passing through on the way somewhere. He has helped the Princeville 3 put the Town of Princeville in the spotlight for quite some time now. Watts and the Princeville 3 have intentionally disrespected the citizens of Princeville and others who are concerned about the Oldest Town Incorporated by Slaves. I say intentionally because Commissioners Ann Howell and Gwendolyn Knight along with some concerned citizens have been questioning Watts and the Princeville 3 every move. If Watts has anything that he need to return to Princeville he ought to send it or someone need to go where he is to pick it up.

I think I read where attorney Watts  received a DWI conviction in Nash County not long ago. This makes me wonder where was he coming from. I wonder was he coming from Princeville. Because of the way he has represented the town I wonder was he and his good friends in Princeville (hint) having a little social time. The way they have been carrying out the business of Princeville they have to had been drunk or just ignant. Well!

Okay enough of that so can somebody anybody tell me have you seen Chucky baby?

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