Princeville NC – Othar Woodard I Agree “It Is Time To Decide!”

Sir I read your letter “It is time to decide” with mixed emotions because one of your options should not be considered an option at no point in time.

Well sir the old saying is 3 strikes and you are out.

Well sir this is strike 3 and it is time that the citizens of Princeville need to decide to get in the game. You see the citizens have not been in the game and have allowed Commissioners Ann Howell and Gwendolyn Knight to fight the Princeville 3 Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and Commissioner Calvin Sherrod by themselves. The Princevile 3 have been allowed to strike out since they have been serving this term. They accomplished their mission and that was to come in a do something about the water bills and they did. Hell they allowed folks to go without keeping their bills current. They have spent money on trying to silence Commissioner Knight and paid attorney Chuck Watts to do nothing. At one time they even hired a 2nd lawyer to try to silence Commissioner Knight.

The sad part is the Princeville 3 really think they have done a good job of managing the town. Since the silent majority, the citizens of Princeville didn’t hold them accountable for their actions, they must took that as these citizens supported them. I have even heard them say a couple of times that they were doing what the people wanted them to do. Well I have only seen a couple of citizens who supported them and I put them in the same category as the Princeville 3.

Sir the only option that should be the desire of the citizens of Princeville is that they need to demand that the Princeville 3 resign effective immediately. It is clear that the Princeville 3 are solely responsible for the LGC taking control of the books, however they released a press release attempting to mislead the citizens that it was 7 others who are responsible. 

I don’t understand why the Princeville 3 ignants don’t understand that they are the 3 who have been voting together while Commissioners Howell and Knight have voted against nearly everything they have passed. The Princeville 3 are the reason why the cash balance is $38442.49 in the red. They are the reason why they have some incompetent staff but hell the Princeville 3 are incompetent so most of the time incompetent people can relate to incompetent people.

I don’t feel that waiting to the next election is an option however I understand that unless there are criminal charges brought against the Princeville 3 they can stay in office until the next election.

Sir oh hell no requesting that Princeville become a part of Tarboro is not an option. The citizens of Princeville and all black folks and other folks of good will should not be willing to allow that to happen.

Sir it is time for the citizens to decide that enough is enough and that the Princeville 3 resigns effective immediately. It is time for competent citizens to run for office.

Updated: Originally posted on August 8, 2012 19:19. Correction changed the word lightbill to water bill.

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Princeville NC – LGC Findings July 31, 2012 Cash Balance And Town’s Credit Cards Are The Major Concerns

























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Princeville NC – Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates Refused To Accept This Memorandum from LGC On July 30, 2012 During The Meeting In Raleigh

The following is the Memorandum from LGC that T. Vance Holloman was trying to give to Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates and she refused to accept it. Mayor Everette-Oates said she was not accepting anything from Holloman because he was a liar. Well I guess at the end of the day we are going to learn who are the liars. Hint: The Princeville 3. See letter dated August 7, 2012.image






































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Breaking News: Romney to announce vice-presidential nominee on Saturday; signs point to Ryan – The Washington Post

NORFOLK — Mitt Romney will make the long-awaited announcement of his running mate in the presidential race Saturday, his campaign announced late Friday, with all signs strongly pointing to Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as the Republican’s pick. (More)

"Princeville shows why local governments need cuts." Rocky Mount Telegram

In response to Mike Armstrong letter to editor "Princeville shows why local governments need cuts."

What the what?

Other towns are not being ran by incompetent folks like the 3 people in Princeville Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, Commissioner Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and Commissioner Calvin Sherrod who have done nothing but shown how ignant they are during this term.

You say a teaching moment. Princeville has not taught us nothing however LGC is going to teach us about how ignant they are, however I should say those like you who do not attend the meetings and forming an opinion simply based on trying to prove a point because you have issues with Rocky Mount. Heck that makes you just as ignant as the Princeville 3 and on top of that you continue to attempt to mislead others who don’t know any better also. I am so glad I attend the meetings and was in Raleigh when LGC took control of the funds. I videoed the meeting in Raleigh and I have the video on my blog. I have some recent documented findings from LGG about the status of Princeville in my hand that I received on yesterday.

So sir please don’t attempt to paint a picture of Princeville without stating pure facts about what is really going on in Princeville. The people are being lead by enough ignance and do not need anymore fuel to add to the fire.

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Dalton, McCrory to debate in Rocky Mount – Rocky Mount Telegram

Gubernatorial candidates Walter Dalton and Pat McCrory will debate Oct. 24 at N.C. Wesleyan College.

College officials confirmed late Friday night that the hour-long debate will take place at 7 p.m. inside the Dunn Center for the Performing Arts. WRAL-TV is organizing the debate with the college and the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce and will broadcast it live. (More)