Church Folks Gays In The Church Tell Me?

So why is it some folks talk about same sex marriage and their biblical beliefs but my question is don’t you allow gays to be active in your church by way of membership, musicians and other and especially when it comes to taking their money? Oh it is alright to accept all the above as long as they do not get married.

Video: Raleigh NC Local Government Commission Assumes Full Control Of Princeville NC Financial Affairs Monday July 30, 2012


Click on picture to watch video 1 hr. 2 mins.

Yesterday The DCN reported the following: Breaking News: Princeville NC LGC Voted Unanimous To Impound The Books & Records & Assume Full Control Of All Of Their Financial Affairs 

I have done my spill for now, more to come but as I always say see it for yourself and you can make form your own opinion.

Please comment here or at the bottom of the video. Send the Princeville 3 a message that enough is enough.

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