Princeville NC – So Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates And Mayor Pro-Tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews Ya’ll Gonna Learn The Day!

Yep Mayor and Mayor Pro-tem it was you who are responsible for what will happen today when the Local Government Commission (LGC) take over your finances. I know I suppose to be talking about the Princeville 3 but you see I don’t hold Commissioner Calvin Sherrod totally responsible for his actions because ya’ll 2 women are totally responsible for his behavior. I strongly believe the brother wanted to do what was right but I feel ya’ll put him between a rock and a hard place.

Oh I can’t forget that ignant attorney Chuck Watts who should have been guiding ya’ll in the right direction but participated in ya’ll ignance. Damn what he to ya’ll because if he cared about ya’ll he would have attempted to lead ya’ll in the right direction.

Well I hope ya’ll have written another press release/letter to the editor but this time blaming yourselves and asking the citizens to forgive you because it was ya’ll who are responsible for what happens today in Raleigh NC at 12:00 NOON. You see all of those folks ya’ll named in the last press release/letter to the editor blaming them for your failures, they had no voting power? Get that? Damn! Well if you didn’t, ya’ll gonna learn the day!

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So Do You Think LGC (Local Government Commission) Will Take Over Princeville On Monday? I Say Count It A Done Deal Made Official Monday In Raleigh NC. 

Princeville NC

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