A reminder: "I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!"

Just got remind folks just in case so they will not get it twisted.

But remember I love all of you Racist White Folks, Safe Negroes and other but don’t start nothing because my weapons are my video camera, my photo camera and my laptop/phone internet where I can access my blog/facebook/twitter. These are all lethal weapons!

Yeah buddy!

How you like me now?

President Barack Obama The First Black President Why I Voted For Him

I voted for Barack Obama for President because I am black and I felt strongly that he was intelligent enough to hold the title. I have gone through 12 years of schooling and heard that black folks could become the President one day so when the opportunity came that I could vote for a black man then why in the hell would I not vote for him? I have voted for white men up until “our” current President was elected.

Hell no “our” current President didn’t have any experience at being the President because he had never held the title before. But none of the others before him had held the title before they became the President either. So what is the damn problem?

I can say I found Barack Obama while surfing the net when he was running for US Senate. I was on his mailing list up until that election was over.

I knew day one when Barack was elected that “our” President would have to spend time dealing with folks who didn’t want him to become the President anyway. I was not ignant to the facts that he would not have the support of that other party so that meant he would have hell on his hands. The other party became the majority in the White House so he has had to battle everyday. Anyone who thought he was going to come in and be able to “fix” everything in 4 years is just ignant as hell.

I be so glad when the November 2012 election is over because I am so sick and tired of all the ignance coming from Racist White Folks and Safe Negroes. When I use these 2 terms that means I am not talking about all white folks and not all black folks.

It tickles the hell out of me to hear some black folks say “our” President has not done anything for black folks. Damn you mean to tell me “our” President has not done anything that black folks have benefitted from? I say look at his record and then tell me that. But you have to prove to me that you have looked at his record because I am not going to accept ignant conversation that has no merit to it.

I have no problem with anyone criticizing “our” President but just keep it real. Don’t twist the truth just tell the truth. Damn don’t disrespect the man, if you don’t like him just don’t vote for him but stop showing your ignance. Just because he has not done what you think he ought to do, don’t make it appear that he has not done anything. Hell what you want may not be what I want. Hell we don’t agree with everybody be it our family and whoever.

I will vote for “our” President in 2012. I don’t see where I have an option. Vote for whoever you prefer but I do request you don’t allow ignance to be your deciding factor. I hope you look at what “our” current President has done up until now and look at what his opponent says he will do.

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Question Of The Day. So Registered Democrats Who Have A Problem With “Our” President Who Do You Suggest Should Be Our Next President?

Jeff Savage – So who do you suggest should be our next President just because ya’ll haven’t received reparations?

Why in the hell is it I have to not like the man just because ya’ll don’t. Damn too ignant for me.

I am responding to you because I know you are speaking to me as one of those whom you are directing this post. How do I know? Because we have had this discussion over and over again and when you word it so that I can be included then I am going to speak up.

Damn if I go around not liking folks just because others whom I know do not like them, hell I wouldn’t like anybody.

Oh well!

Okay ready for next article about reparations that include me and why I should not like "our" President. LMBAO!

When the top 20% own 93% of the wealth, expecting the bottom 80% to divvy up the remaining 7% to run the government, including paying for additional tax cuts for those wealthy individuals, is gross injustice – Source: Facebook

Response: Damn this is good!

Jim Hubbard – When the top 20% own 93% of the wealth, expecting the bottom 80% to divvy up the remaining 7% to run the government, including paying for additional tax cuts for those wealthy individuals, is gross injustice. According to the Tax Policy Center in 2010, the federal government’s revenue came 42% from personal income tax, 40% from the payroll tax (FICA capped at the first $110,100), and corporate income taxes were 9%. With a minor share of overall income, the middle class pays personal income tax AND payroll tax at almost the same level as the wealthiest individuals pay primarily personal income tax.

Corporate income tax is no better. In 1952, the percentage of federal revenue from corporate income tax was 32.1%. In 2011, it was 8%. Conservatives will claim that a "35%" tax rate is stifling business, failing to mention that 35% is the statutory corporate rate while the average effective rate is 12%. How much less revenue can the federal government expect from corporations–artificial entities that exist at the pleasure of the government–if the statutory rate is dropped to 25% or lower?

It is time to dispel the fiction that the wealthiest people are the job creators. The Bush Tax Cuts have been in effect since 2001 and 11 years is more than enough time to see that jobs in America are not being created. Yet, we are being told by Republicans in Congress that we need to lower the tax rates even more to encourage job creation. How about we tell them to create jobs with the trillion+ they’ve already been given before expecting us to give them more?

Tarboro NC – Another Shooting!

I understand there was another shooting in Tarboro last night. Sources say it happened at the National Guard Armory. It has been reported that atleast one person was shot and it is believed to be the son of Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight Princeville. Knight I hope your son have a speedy recovery.

I wonder where was the police last night because sources say it was horrific moment. I thought when renting places such as this to have dances you must have security you police.

Why do people have dances and etc. and not have a selected list of folks that they invite. You just can’t open the doors to allow anyone to come in these days. But who in the hell am I? I know if I was going out I would not go out to a dance or party unless it was invitation only and I knew the majority of the folks that were going to be present.

Well if it was yesterday I would say, “You gonna learn the day!”

But the sad part is I hope someone else do not have to die before they get it. Do you get it? Get DEAD!

A Member I Guess He Is A Member Of The NAACP Expressed His Issue With The NAACP Because The NAACP Supports Gay Equality

G Alan FitchYou say here is the link but you said, "NAACP Supports Gay Marriage" and some others have said the same but the link from the NAACP says, "NAACP Passes Resolution in Support of Marriage Equality"

I am not as educated as you sir and some others who twist words around. I am just ignant my friend so help me out. I know what the NAACP said so what are you saying? Supporting Gay Equality is the same as Supporting Gay Marriage? If that be the case why in the hell didn’t you word it the same way as the link from NAACP?

Damn it was listed on the ballot as Amendment One but it was all about Same Sex Marriages so why some folks have to twist the words to get what they want accomplished?

I get so sick and tired of other folks ignance. But just maybe I am wrong but I don’t find both being the same.

All I got to say is I hope folks don’t allow their ignance to make them make an ignant decision in November because, “If We Ever Needed To Vote We Sure As Hell Need To Do It Now!” Rev. Dr. William Barber, II addresses the NAACP, July 11, 2012


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Amendment One