With Poverty Being the Worst in Decades, Maybe We Owe Tavis and Cornel an Apology – KultureKritic

Response: I have no problem with Tavis nor Cornel saying what they want to say however my question is the good ole boys have fought him on everything he has done since he has been “our” President. My question is what can he do about Poverty alone?

I feel all the Democrats and Republicans ought to be working on the POVERTY issue and if not then they don’t need to be representing us.

I strongly believe in holding folks accountable for their actions but I also recognize that some things may be beyond their control.

It has recently been reported that if poverty goes up by just .1% this year, it will be the worst poverty that America has experienced since 1965.   Peter Edelman, director of the Georgetown Center on Poverty, Inequality and Public Policy, attributes the poverty increase to a host of factors, including globalization, outsourcing, immigration, and an attack on unionization. (More)

Princeville residents face multiple hikes in costs for services – Daily Southerner

Response: This is the reason why they didn’t have Allan Daniels at the meeting so he could answer the questions at the Thursday meeting.

TARBORO — PRINCEVILLE — Interim Princeville town manager Maggie Boyd failed to give the town’s board a budget message that contained pertinent information concerning rate increases during the town’s special budget workshop last Thursday. The document was prepared by town accountant  Allan Daniels, who did not attend the meeting. (More)

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