(Princeville NC) Mayor blames Victor Marrow – Daily Southerner

Response: Looks like the Mayor is suffering from the lack of “CRS.” Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates do you remember this? You see the following is the reason why “they” must silence Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight see she can remember. Knight also talk too much. You see I can hear the Mayor and her Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews saying who in the hell gave Knight permission to talk? LMBO!

Mayor blames Victor Marrow – In 2009, Everette-Oates ran on the platform of lowering water bills and won her second term in office. Knight said she was the mastermind behind a cut off policy that triggered the astronomical bills by delinquent customers.

The policy reads, "Each month, a list of accounts that may be reduced or written off will be prepared by the Finance Officer. The Town Manager will review this list and note any changes or discrepancies. Once the Town Manager reviews or revises the listing, the listing will be presented to the Mayor for approval. This list of accounts should only include customers that are 60 days past due whose utility services have been suspended or cut-off. The account at that time will be submitted to the Debt Set Off Clearinghouse for possible collections." (More)

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