Sen. Jones battles cancer – The Daily Herald

ENFIELD — Years ago in the General Assembly state Sen. Ed Jones, D-Enfield, helped with a bill to build the UNC Cancer Center in Chapel Hill.

The hospital provides complete cancer care for patients and research facilities.

“At no time did I think I would be a patient at this hospital,” Jones said. “It was one of my best votes in the General Assembly, because it helps everyone in North Carolina.” (More)

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Many of us have not heard of of the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) Formula, Connecticut’s system for allocating money to our public schools. As one father admitted at the ECS Task Force Meeting on Thursday in Bridgeport, he never gave it any thought until his child started kindergarten. (More)

Letter to Editor: Princeville Should Have Learned From Tarboro About How An Obligarchy Should Be Handled

14 JULY 2012

Letter to the Editor

Tarboro/Princeville Oligarchies


It seems Princeville should have learned from Tarboro about how a Oligarchy should be handled. It was cleaned up by its citizens! I think that even the mayor of Tarboro is considering retirement now.  Just look at the “face” of our Town Council today. It has been an amazing turn-around! Of course it was partially overseen by the Local Government Commission. They declared the present government “still intact” before they left town. Not high marks at the time, but still functional.   


The Princeville Oligarchy Letter to the Editor of 13 July 2012 is about the worst attempt at a smoke screen I have ever seen, and I witnessed a few of those in the Navy. The Princeville Oligarchy merely listed the most critical of their many missteps ! True, the present administration inherited a mess. BUT the previous administration also inherited a mess. And the administration before that! But the present administration made a campaign promise to clean everything up. The biggest promise was to get cheap water and sewer service. I heard it with my own ears. That got the present mayor re-elected. Now the Princeville Oligarchy is shutting citizens` water off forthwith !  I wonder why? 


Six of the seven “conspirators” named by the Princeville Oligarchy are, or were themselves elected officials.  If Mr. Calvin Adkins has been “conspiring” to do anything at all, he may long have been out of a job. Instead, he has high marks within the community he serves.  I saw no names of ordinary citizens from either side of the river, East Tarboro being an historic extension of Princeville. Perhaps they are 100% satisfied with the present ruling Princeville Oligarchy. Oops!  No, they are NOT exactly 100% satisfied. Not by a long shot!  Maybe the Princeville Oligarchy would be hard pressed to pick them out of the crowd.


Richard H Parker Jr    

Tarboro NC 27886-5117

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Senator Ed Jones Halifax County Is Dealing With Pancreatic Cancer


Note: In this picture Senator Ed Jones and Rep. Jean Farmer Butterfield.

About 2 months ago I had heard that Senator Ed Jones had cancer but a couple of sources that I spoke to had not heard it. But a couple of days later I received a confirmation. Jones is receiving treatment twice a week.

I didn’t know Sen. Jones when he was a NC State Patrol. After he retired he became the Mayor of Enfield. Later he filled the unexpired term of NC House  John Hall who passed due to health reasons.

When NC Senator Robert Hollomon passed Jones sought the appointment to replace him and he won. I was there with him and Rep. Angela Bryant wanted to be appointed to replace Jones NC House seat. I attended the meetings when Jones and Bryant were seeking the appointments and supported them.