Breaking News: Tarboro NC – Taro Knight Will Be The Director of Communications/Community Outreach For The North East Carolina Prep Charter School In Edgecombe County

Taro Knight has resigned his post as chair of the North East Carolina Prep Charter School in Edgecombe County. Taro will take on the position of Director of Communications/Community Outreach.

Stay tuned for more information about the temporary location of the NECP Charter School for the upcoming school year.

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State starts countdown on possible Princeville takeover – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Because of a number of financial problems and a failure to respond in a timely manner, the Local Government Commission of the State of North Carolina on Tuesday issued a warning and gave Princeville 14 calendar days to come into compliance with its edict. (More)

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NC’s Sterilization History told in New Play

NC’s Sterilization History told in New Play


Submitted by: C. Jarvis on 2012-07-06 12:30  – News and blog


North Carolina’s experience with state-sponsored sterilization has provided the material for a play, which has been staged in Detroit and Nashville, Tenn. It will be produced in Rocky Mount and Nashville, N.C. by the Nash Arts Center and the Imperial Centre Theatre.


“You Wouldn’t Expect” by Marilynn Barner Anselmi of Rocky Mount focuses on four of the thousands of victims of the eugenics program that ran from 1933 to 1973. The title comes from a pamphlet published in 1950 by a group that promoted sterilization. It read:

"You wouldn’t expect a moron to run a train, or a feeble-minded woman to teach school. You wouldn’t want the state to grant driver’s licenses to mental defectives. Yet each day the feebleminded and mentally defective are entrusted with the most important and far reaching job of all … the job of parenthood!"


The final production, on Oct. 7, will be at the Booker Theater in Rocky Mount and will be followed by a panel discussion with state Rep. Earline Parmon and Rep. Angela Bryant. Also on the panel will be Elaine Riddick, who was sterilized after she had been raped at age 14.


This year the state House of Representatives approved paying $50,000 in compensation to eugenics victims, but the Senate didn’t go along, and so no reparations are in the works.


Upcoming Shows:

September 28th, 7:00 p.m. – Nash Arts Center,  100 East Washington Street, Nashville, NC

September 29th, 7:00pm – Nash Arts Center, 100 East Washington Street , Nashville, NC

October 5th, 7:00pm – Nash Arts Center, 100 East Washington Street , Nashville, NC

October 6th, 7:00pm – Nash Arts Center,  100 East Washington Street , Nashville, NC

October 7th, 2:00pm – Booker T Theatre, 170 West Thomas Street, Rocky Mount, NC

October 17th, 7:00pm -Dunn Center, NC Wesleyan College, 3400 N Wesleyan Blvd, Rocky Mount, NC


Upcoming audition dates are August 2nd, 3rd, with call backs on the 4th at Nash Arts Center, 7:00 p.m.

Cast calls for the following:

1 40ish white female

1 30ish African American female

2 50ish white males

2 late teens/early 20s African American females

2 mid 40s African American females


Read more here:


For questions contact:


Marilynn Anselmi
Director, ECU/NCSU Collaborative
Gateway Technology Center
3400 N. Wesleyan Blvd., Rocky Mount, NC 27804
Fax 252-442-9576


Duke board lost confidence in Progress chief weeks before merger – WRAL

RALEIGH, N.C. — The board of directors of Duke Energy Corp. lost confidence in the ability of Progress Energy Inc. Chief Executive Bill Johnson weeks before the two utilities merged, Duke Chief Executive Jim Rogers told state regulators Tuesday. (More)

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NC utility probe of Duke merger to detail CEO move – WRAL

RALEIGH, N.C. — Wall Street observers and consumers will be looking for an explanation from the new, surprise CEO of Duke Energy Corp. when he is grilled by North Carolina regulators investigating last week’s takeover of Progress Energy Inc.

The commission is demanding testimony on Tuesday from Jim Rogers, the Duke CEO who wound up as the top executive of the largest U.S. electric utility. (More)

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Energy merger brings Rogers to Raleigh to explain boardroom coup – News & Observer

According to his corporate publicists, he’s a “CEO Statesman” and a public intellectual in the vanguard on society’s most pressing energy issues. His credentials include speeches and hobnobbing at the U.N. General Assembly, World Economic Forum and Clinton Global Initiative. (More)

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